5 Already Existing Mobile Technologies of the Future

Mobile Technologies of the Future
Mobile Technologies of the Future

A decade ago, mobile phones were for us, primarily a means of communication. Every year, smartphones are getting thinner, and cameras are more and more surprising because of the quality of the pictures. Today, even children have smartphones with a massive number of functions. We order food and taxi, communicate with loved ones on different continents, train, and go on dates with the help of electronic devices.

Applications monitor the quality of sleep, send us to augmented reality, and full-length films are already being shot on cameras of smartphones. It would seem that mobile technology does not surprise anyone. But we found the most incredible features and devices that will surely amaze you.

Duoksin tattoo

The geniuses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created something ultimately cosmic. Meet DuoSkin, a temporary tattoo that turns the body into a touch screen. What does a smartphone have to do with it?” – You ask. We answer. With DuoSkin you can not only store data on the skin but also manage your phone. Buy movie tickets? No problem. Just bring the smartphone to your hand. Just imagine: instead of a wallet and keys, you will have a beautiful skin pattern! Cool, right? Now you can put in the tattoo not only deep philosophical undertones but also secret information in the literal sense.

Holographic display

According to the developers of the novelty, the 5.7-inch display uses nanotechnology (!) To “smoothly switch between traditional 2D, holographic manifold, 3D content, and interactive games.” Sounds mysterious! We explain: Imagine that 3D objects are displayed on the mobile screen, which can be viewed from different angles (depending on where you are). Our forecast is as follows: this development is suitable for architects and designers who want to see an object in space. For example, on a holographic screen, you can display a small model of a city with buildings that protrude beyond the limits of the screen. It will be possible to interact with them as if gesturing over an object, also, with the help of new technologies, of course.

Appnext timeline technology

Appnext Timeline was launched in 2017 by the Appnext application platform developers. The technology is embedded in mobile services and “guesses desires,” dividing your day into episodes, almost for each of which you can find the right applications. For example, at 14:00, you have lunch with colleagues and usually order hot pizza or spicy Chinese noodles. Timeline knows this and suggests using food delivery services about an hour before your dinner. It is very convenient and saves time. You don’t forget about lunch, you get pizza or noodles, and the creators of the delivery apps are data for analytics. It is vital that Appnext uses only the information that you share yourself when downloading mobile applications.

5G communication standard

5G technology is the fifth generation mobile network, the real connection of the future. The data transfer speed using 5G is impressive – in a couple of seconds, you can download your favorite movie in excellent quality that “weighs” 2 GB. Testing technology on mobile was held in October 2017. Smartphones with 5G support will be available at the beginning of 2019. By 2020, the 5G standard will spread worldwide and change not only smartphones but also the Internet of things. Thanks to 5G, smart toasters and refrigerators will soon be in every kitchen, like microwaves now.

Smart fingerprint scanner

Unlock the phone with one touch, and even so that no outsider can repeat it. It is possible if your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner — the chance of coincidence of prints in two people – is 1 in a million. Therefore, a fingerprint scanner is the most reliable and convenient lock function. True, we advise you to keep your smartphone away from koalas – Australian scientists have found that the fingerprints of these marsupials are almost identical to human ones.

The up-to-date technologies we have talked about, make it possible to feel that the future has already come. But will they all make your life easier? It is a vexing question. To get modern and beneficial functionality, we recommend paying attention to the budget smartphone Honor 7X. It is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which works in just 0.25 seconds. To protect access to personal folders and applications, you can register five fingerprints. The scanner sensor is multifunctional: you can receive calls, turn off an annoying alarm clock, and scroll through the photos with just one touch. The second important feature of the Honor 7X is a frameless 18: 9 screen. With this screen, you will find yourself in the epicenter of the events of your favorite video game or immerse yourself in an exciting movie without missing a single detail. A split-screen function was explicitly created for those who value their time and want to communicate in the messenger, not looking up from a funny video on YouTube.

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