Anchor text ratios for faster ranking

Anchor text ratios
Anchor text ratios for faster ranking

SEO has always been known as a practice that is found to be highly effective as well as useful for the purpose of promoting a website or web based business. Using SEO for the purpose of web marketing is always beneficial, though people need to have clear concepts of SEO. It is important to understand different aspects of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Many people try different SEO methods or tactics, but their campaigns fail miserably. Many people run their business marketing campaign through SEO quite successfully. So, is it a matter of luck? Well, there is nothing related to luck, at least when it comes to business marketing through SEO.

For business marketing with SEO, different keywords are used. Choosing the right keyword should be the main motto of the webmasters. This keyword has been used for different purposes. The first and foremost use can be noted when crafting website contents. For the website content, you need to insert the keywords with precision. You need to enter them at the right density too otherwise your website content will become victim of over marketing or over promotion. For link building for search engine optimization, keywords are used as anchor texts. This text has been hyperlinked with the main website’s home page or inner page which is relevant to the keyword or anchor text .

Anchor Text Pie

Now, this anchor text actually plays a major role in web marketing through SEO. Basically, the success of your search engine optimization campaign highly depends upon the anchor text. So, in the following section, a detailed discussion will be presented in this regard. This advanced JDM Web Technologies Services guide will help you to understand the importance of anchor texts.

The Shot Gun Link Building

Anchor text ratios

Shot gun link building technique has been used by many people or webmasters. In other words, the technique is all about getting as many back links as you can. You can use different contents and you can use the same content to create many back links. However, getting a lot of back links from the same content has been considered as spam or unethical business promotional activity. Search engines like Google and Bing have strict policies towards suspending such links. Nevertheless, building the back links without proper anchor text could also have negative impact on your business marketing campaign.

The shot gun link building technique is often considered as failure, as it does not give enough importance to the anchor texts for the back links. Even though you use keywords in place of anchor texts, you need to be careful on using the right sets of keywords. Another problem is that shot gun technique says getting many back links from one website or page. Now, if that page has been deleted, you shall end up finding a lot of issues with the SEO campaign. Losing back links over a short time span will cost you disastrous results for your web marketing campaign.

So, instead of the shotgun technique or Quality Link Building Services, it is important to build more natural links with having the right anchor text proportion. To understand the right proportion of the anchor texts, you need to know about different anchor texts at the first place. So, here is a guide for you in this regard.

  • Page Title: The anchor has usually been considered as the SEO title or blog post title or website title. The title of the website can easily be the anchor text and it is a natural way of building the backlinks.
  • Keyword: For product or business marketing, we find different ranges of keywords. Each keyword is important. Webmasters use those keywords as anchor texts. However, different ratios of using those keywords can be found. Main or major keywords should be used first at high quantity, and other keywords should be used later with low quantity.
  • Brand Name: When it comes to business marketing, a brand name can easily bethe keyword. You need to choose the right brand name for selecting the keyword.
  • Home URL: The home URL can also be an anchor text in many cases. However, it should be used in a low proportion.
  • Product Name: Like the brand name, product name can also be the anchor text for web marketing or SEO campaign. You can choose a part of the product name as anchor text or you can choose the full product name, depending upon the size of the name of the product.

Main Categories for Anchor Text

Anchor text ratios

For creating anchor texts, there are three main categories. These categories have been described or illustrated in the following section of this article.

  • Exact Match Anchor: When keyword has been used as anchor text, it is termed as exact match anchor.
  • Brand, Natural and URL Anchor:These anchor texts have no references to your keywords. It is targeted for the brand name.
  • Mixed Key Phrases: Sometimes, anchor texts are created by mixing the keywords. This is known as another good method of creating anchor texts.

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Anchor Text Ratio for Home and Inner Page

In order to create the backlinks for your website or business pages, you need to understand the ratio of creating links for home and inner pages respectively. For the home page, this is how the backlink profile should look like:

  • Around 80-95% of links should fall under natural, brand, and URL categories.
  • 5% of links should come in the exact match category.
  • 10% of backlinks should come into the mixed anchor text category.

Similar to the home, the inner page anchor text profile should be described as the following:

  • 40-50% link should fall into the mixed keywords category.
  • 20% of the links should come into the exact match category.
  • 35-45% links should come into the natural, brand, and URL category.

This should be the ratio that one should follow in creating the backlinks for the anchor texts. It has to be remembered that over-promotion is harmful for the SEO campaign. Similarly under promotional activities result in disastrous results with the SEO campaign.

Anchor text ratios

Author Bio: SEO is important to ensure the betterment of your online business and websites. Naveen Kumar is one of the top SEO experts in India who can provide you with the required Professional SEO Services along with the other factors of the digital marketing company. Currently, he is working in JDM Web Technologies as a senior SEO expert. He tries his best to suggest clients and readers with the latest SEO tactics through his write-ups.

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