Sim swapping fraud. Prevent yourself become a victim 2019.

sim swapping fraud

Many of you who are interested in technology will hear about sim swapping fraud. You have heard that the hackers stealing lakhs of money from a bank account in the process of SIM swapping. In 2018, some cases of SIM Swapping have occurred, where millions of money were stolen without the user’s knowledge. Now the question is what is this sim swapping? How do hackers steal lakhs of money through swiping? And what’s the solution? Of course, you will know what is sim swapping? And How can you avoid sim swapping fraud?

What is SIM Swapping?

In simple word, when we close the old SIM card we use and keep the number unchanged and upgrade to the new SIM, it’s called sim swapping. Here hackers steal millions of dollars using this technique. The hacker first closes the number that you are using, then it starts issuing a new SIM to your number. This means that the control of your number is in the hands of the hacker. Here the hacker will block your number and start a new SIM of your number, so all the phone calls, the OTP, everything will go to the hacker. In this way, hackers will easily steal money from your bank.

How do hackers swipe our SIM without our permissions?

Here are some techniques for sim card swiping. The most popular among which is mobile number portability, phone calls, hacking techniques. Here the hacker’s first job is to find out your details, ie your name, mobile number, bank details, aadhaar number, credit card information, etc.   But there are some methods, such as from social media accounts, phishing attacks or installing an app. Then, if all this information comes to the hacker, then with very cleverness, hacker call the customer care and close your SIM. Since all your details are with hackers, it is not difficult to close the SIM. After blocking the sim card,  hacker issue a new SIM with your ID card. Now hackers can easily transfer money from your bank with the help of your mobile number.

How can you avoid sim swapping fraud ?

1) Do not share your personal information with the call from an unknown number. Do not ask for your Aadhaar Number, Bank Details or any OTP.

2) Do not share your personal information on any social network site. Especially your mobile number Or some information related to the bank.

3) If you receive any message or email which links any URL, then do not  open the URL.

4) Also, do not install any unknown apps on your phone. Always use Google Play Store apps.

5) Do not download anything from an unknown website or do not visit. Which can be harmful to you.

6) Even do not  share  any type of OTP by phone.

Guys we hope you understand about sim swapping fraud and how to survive this kind of trap.   Do not forget to put your comments in the comment box below.

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