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E-learning, a boon to students  

In layman’s terms, e-learning has become a part and parcel of our life, be it joining a course of IT or online entry test preparation to get into medical and engineering universities. Though technology has completely revolutionized all sectors of the education system here we’ll delve deeper into how e-learning helps students get into their dream universities.

Well, before heading towards the constructive role of e-learning, let’s cast a glance over the entry test that is crucial for admission to desired universities around Pakistan. For admission in Undergraduate, Graduate, and even Postgraduate courses, students have to clear the entrance test that is totally concept-based. Due to studying in different private and government institutions, students come with different exposures. In order to get all of them under one roof e-learning has emerged as an effective tool for all sorts of entry test preparation. But no doubt, you cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs, so students need to be serious about it.

E-learning makes better understanding and knowledge retention

When it comes to e-learning, students are more likely to be interested in the subjects they are studying. Because of the fact that it arranges for various elbow rooms to make the study more pleasurable and entertaining in terms of learning the same things in new ways. The online study boosts students to make an active contribution in the learning process which can be laborious to achieve through a traditional academies’ environment.

A self-directed learning system

Every student has his/her own pace of learning and absorbing information depending upon the abilities and intellect. E-learning here becomes the silver bullet for weak students and makes them able to compete with the intelligent ones. Through online entry test preparation, students can learn at their own speed, evaluate difficult concepts numerous times through video lectures and fast revision notes. What is more, technology offers diverse opportunities for struggling or handicapped students. The only thing that’s required is access to the Internet in order to get hands-on a broad range of resources to learn their subjects in a very short period of time.

Concept-based knowledge

E-learning provides students to get vast and concept-based knowledge as opposed to mindless memorization of facts and figures. E-learning doesn’t make students trail a dictated concept, rather it enables students to broaden their horizons of education. Online learning platforms offer different ways for students to learn concepts about their subjects through interactive videos, written materials, and organized test sessions. It’s only possible through online learning that students can explore more options to get a richer and more collaborative learning experience.

Flexibility of Time and place

What can be more advantageous than preparing your whole entry test without leaving your favourite study lamp a daybed? No one can give online learning the brush-off when it comes to the flexibility of time and place. Whether it’s midnight or any time of the day, just open your smart device and start your preparation. No need to rush towards academies and screw your extra-curricular activities. You can take both things side by side and the biggest thing you get from online preparation is peace of mind due to which you can put your all focus in studies and score enough marks to get desired admission.

Gauge your own progress

Through e-learning when you prepare for entry test you not only study on the broader level but it also assists you to track what you have learned through it. For example, many online study forums offer students an interactive software design to check out their progress for each subject. In addition, when you attempt an online practice exam, after its completion, the report presented to you has even the minute detail of which topics of a subject are weak. This is because you need not revise the whole book again rather learn the weak topic only. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, not a single academic test report can evaluate which topics you need to improve. That’s the best thing about Online learning which makes your preparation as easy as ABC-no ifs, and or buts about it.

E-learning inculcate Self-restraint and Management Skills

Last but not the least, e-learning is the best way to infuse a number of skills in a student. When students realize that they have to manage their own study and playtime, the skills like self-restraint and management get inculcated in students’ brain. These skills not only make students good at studies but also promise to help in their future professional lives. That’s a given.

There is no denying the fact that online preparation incorporates more self-motivation and time-management skills. Just look at it this way; your online entry test preparation won’t merely assist you get command over the syllabus for the exam, but also help you become more self-motivated.

The Most Proficient e-learning Platforms


Topgrade.pk sits in the catbird seat when we talk about all kind of entry test preparation online throughout Pakistan and it’s not hard to see why. The thing is, the most important objective of any online entry test preparation platform should be providing students with wonderful opportunity to learn in an effective and easier way. Topgrade.pk is not just about throwing the learning material on the students, instead everything is given to the aspirants such as video lectures, full book exams and chapter-wise notes etc. in order to make the things easily understandable. As far as the design of the software is taken into consideration, it’s super interactive and is really helpful for students hoping to keep tabs on the preparation instantaneously. Highly experienced and qualified professors (either Doctors in medicine or Ph.Ds.) have arranged the learning material for students which means everything has been produced by the joint collaboration of polymaths.

The only aspect that Topgrade.pk could have done better at, not necessarily, is it doesn’t offer the opportunity to do the preparation of other competitive examinations rather than MDCAT or ECAT. In doing so, it’d be called as the super effective online preparation platform in Pakistan.


It goes without saying that it takes some elbow grease to make your way to success and place big score in entry tests. After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If we spend a second just talking about Pakistan, it’s very important to place big score on the board in entry test if you want to get into a well reputed engineering or medical college. It’s not as simple as just reading a bunch of questions and expect you have cleared all the bases for entry tests. Instead, you have to put in lots of effort and only then you will be walking yourself through the preparation of entry tests in Pakistan.

But, hold on. Entrytestprep.com is the place where all of your ambiguities get an excellent treatment when it comes to entry test preparation be it MDCAT or ECAT. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, entrytestprep.com has got everything to cater to the needs of every student and help them along the way to pass the entry test with flying colors.

The best thing about entrytestprep.com is that all the questions have been arranged in a way that is better for every student, no matter he has got excellent grades or is just below average. So, every single student can do the preparation and get excellent grades.

All the learning stuff is extracted and arranged by the professional teachers. Almost, 10,000 error-free multiple choice questions are placed so that student can study as much as they want. Be that as it may, the story doesn’t end here. Yes, you heard it right. The modern tools are also there to help students keep track of their preparation and work on the weak subjects along the way.


Coming in at number 3 is another outright intelligent system for online preparation of entry tests in Pakistan. This platform has got everything that an entry test aspirant stands in the need of.

Preparation of entrance tests in Pakistan is a real bear and it troubles most of the students along the way. The big problem that students face in this regard is the error-free, in-depth and always-on preparation material and if we spend a moment just talking about Pakprep.com, everything is just right in the block hole, bang on. With that, it’s hard for students to keep tabs on their progress along the road. That’s the very same area where Pakprep.com comes in the action. Candidates are presented with almost 15,000 multiple choice questions to get the better understanding of each and every thing that may be asked in the entrance tests. All the topics and questions are arranged keeping in view the pattern of entry tests. That’s fructiferous, isn’t it?

All the preparation stuff is lined up in a way that would be better for students to get their hands on the effective preparation that might not have possible with the on-campus preparation for entry tests. We can make the argument that Pakprep.com is ideal solution to all the needs of aspirants fixing their gaze on getting admission in top ranked medical and engineering universities in Pakistan by achieving big score in the entry tests.

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