The List of 13 Indispensable Gadgets Every Student Needs

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Moving to college for every student is more than simply getting into the higher ed institution, as it is a completely new stage of life. Being far away from parents for the first time means one must be organized, calm, and sensible even if these traits are not in their nature. A good turn here is that there are tons of gadgets that can help students to become better versions of themselves. Let’s figure out some of the most needed things every newbie should buy before moving to the dorm.

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Smart Alarm Clock

It is an exclusive tool that will be extremely useful for those who can’t wake up at the needed hour. It wakes you up by a soothing red light that gradually switches to white. You can enjoy music from your iMusic library as well as choose from the 20 preset tunes, which are an ideal choice for waking you up.


This one is quite obvious. Nevertheless, one can underestimate the value of laptops for college students. Everyone can get in trouble sometimes with a home assignment; well, a laptop opens a whole world of opportunities. You can look for help with the essay at Just imagine where you would seek professional assistance if you didn’t have a laptop.


The way how smatch watches ease our life could hardly be overstated. If you are looking for a good wrist companion while owning an iPhone, you should consider an iWatch. However,  for everyone who wants to be stylish enough, Casio will be the best fit. Their smartwatch is the best option for those who are looking for a trendy and useful item.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Living in a dorm may be noisy and stressful, especially for those who don’t like a loud sound. Well, If you are of that sort, think about purchasing noise-canceling headphones. Models like the Sony WF-1000XM3s or the Apple AirPods Pro will guarantee you steal a moment of peace in your dorm room.


Learning in a hot environment is so hard, that’s why having a portable fan is a necessity. You can carry it with you by just putting it inside your bag. A personal cooling fan is a very affordable item, which will definitely be worth the money.

Portable Printer

Every student wants to get the best equipment possible when moving to college. Portable printers are rather versatile companions. They provide a range of features students are likely to need and a few more besides. When choosing your printer, take a look at the three-years worth of ink machines. Decide on those that can print, scan, and copy because such tools are always in use.

Smart Lock

Most likely, you are moving to the dorm with a number of costly devices. No one wants their property to be stolen; that’s why many students turn to security devices like smart locks for dorm rooms. Such a gadget connects devices for security, ease of use (like lighting control), and reduced energy consumption.


Even if you already have a laptop, you may need a tablet as well. This powerful device needs no introduction. Functioning as a digital textbook and with a number of organizational apps, it can enhance student’s learning more than ever before. The cloud provided for iOS or Android users will help learners to gather data in one place, which is extremely important for students.

Coffee Maker

Students like coffee and drink it permanently. Just imagine how much money you can save with a personal coffee maker! What’s more, is it’s an eco-friendly option. A personal coffee machine eliminates the use of paper filters, plastic cups, and straws. Most of them come with travel mugs, which enable students to take coffee with them on their way to college.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

A portable keyboard is a handy gadget for everyone. Most of them are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Usually, students tend to charge their phones and laptops when there is something new on the market, but this device will give you an opportunity to enjoy the same keyboard with more modern pieces. What’s more, a good one works for up to 48 hours, which gives you a lot of writing time with no charges.

Portable Hard Drive

For many students who are trying their best in college, keeping data is a headache. With a portable hard drive, it may seem as simple as ABC. You can bring your collection of essays anywhere you want. Good hard drives are designed to provide students with high storage capacity, easy setup, and quick accessibility.


This is an extremely powerful and useful reading device every student needs. It is loaded with functions to help with accessibility, such as Text-to-Speech, Voice Guide, and large text sizes. Whether you download a book on your smartphone or laptop, it will sync with your Kindle device wherever you are. Many college textbooks have versions for eBooks, but it depends on the publisher.

If your internet connection fails, there’s no reason for stressing because every Kindle has a backup of your purchased content. Most of the universities in the US provide students with the course syllabus, PDF class readings, or even podcasts in MP3 format, which are Kindle-compatible.

Wrapping Up

All these gadgets are, of course, not of the first necessity. Some students are more or less organized, but some of them need more control over their daily routines. Using gadgets in everyday life is a helping hand in the world of college newcomers. Starting from the simple smartwatch and ending by a coffee maker, try to ease up your college studies by using helpful devices from our list.

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