6 Must Computer and Laptop Accessories to Buy

6 Must Computer and Laptop Accessories to Buy - cropped computer accessories

As everyone knows, computer and Laptop is a significant part of individual life. Computers or laptops play a very fundamental role in our everyday lives because of their versatility. From working and utilizing the net to watch high graphic movies and playing video games, laptops … Read more

All-new MacBook Air takes flight


All Νew MacBook Air  Apple introduced an all-new MacBook Air, bringing a stunning 13-inch Retina display, Touch ID, the latest processors and an even more portable design to the world’s most loved notebook. Delivering the all-day battery life it’s known for, the new MacBook Air is … Read more

HP Spectre X360 Review

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The manufacturing giants in the laptop manufacturing world are working very hard to ensure that their products are sleek, eye-catching and yes! Thinner than previous makes. One of such recently launched products is HP’s Spectre X360, and it has both old and unprecedented tech features … Read more