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6 Must Computer and Laptop Accessories to Buy

As everyone knows, computer and Laptop is a significant part of individual life. Computers or laptops play a very fundamental role in our everyday lives because of their versatility. From working and utilizing the net to watch high graphic movies and playing video games, laptops and computers do a lot … Continue reading

5 reasons why you should choose Linux over Windows or Mac OS

Linux Distros

“But that’s for engineers and programmers only, isn’t it?” If you’ve heard about Linux or seen it in a PC, chances are that you heard that from a programmer/coder or a software engineering student or anyone who knows about programming languages. If you have used it, then it is likely … Continue reading

All-new MacBook Air takes flight


All Νew MacBook Air  Apple introduced an all-new MacBook Air, bringing a stunning 13-inch Retina display, Touch ID, the latest processors and an even more portable design to the world’s most loved notebook. Delivering the all-day battery life it’s known for, the new MacBook Air is available in three gorgeous finishes … Continue reading

Fix Your Laptop Battery From Draining Fast – Extend Battery Life of Laptop

You’re trying to do things with your laptop computer. You got that battery charged up all the way at the start of the day. But midway through, something happens – your battery runs out of power. Now you’ve got a real problem as you can’t be as productive as you … Continue reading

Acer’s new Predator Helios 500 is a gaming laptop with Intel’s fastest chips

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Acer yesterday has announced a new gaming powerhouse with the Helios 500, which is more powerful and a big version of the Helios 300 model it released last year. It bumps the screen size up to 17.3-inches with 4k resolution and includes options for even more powerful graphics cards and … Continue reading

HP Spectre X360 Review

The manufacturing giants in the laptop manufacturing world are working very hard to ensure that their products are sleek, eye-catching and yes! Thinner than previous makes. One of such recently launched products is HP’s Spectre X360, and it has both old and unprecedented tech features to offer. Read the review … Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2018) Review: Best Cost-Effective High-end Laptop

In 2016, Xiaomi announced its first laptops. No one believed this company could succeed because the Chinese notebooks market was occupied by Lenovo, Dell, HP, and other top brands. But the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 and 12.5 were considered as black horses later. They could not only make a … Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro The Notebook Pro by Xiaomi was designed to offer high performance and exceptional user experience. It is a cost-effective option that is packed with wonderful features. This notebook features a 15.6-inch FHD display with IPS 1920 x 1080. You can enjoy movies and games on a … Continue reading