Why is it important for students to understand binary concepts?

binary concepts

A binary number plays a huge role in mathematics and digital electronics. Apart from that some of the computer science topics also use binary concepts. If students are looking to make their careers in the field of maths, mechanical engineering, computer science, or electronics then they need to understand the binary concepts.

Binary is the base 2 numbering system which includes just zeros and ones. Each digit consists of one bit and for that reason, it is used by the most digital circuits and logic gates. Along with that, to process the binary numbers is easy for the computer systems. Not only easy but, this is also one of the fastest numbering systems when it comes to processing binary to text conversion. If you want to know more about binary translators, then read here .

It is used in the electronics logic gates

If you come from an electronics background, then you would probably know about different electronic gates and implements. The typical configuration of electronic gates is based on the binary to decimal conversion. If the flag shows zeros it means the gate is closed and current cannot pass from that gate. Once the gate shows one flag it means that the current can pass from there and current transmission will flow from that gate.

This is the basic configuration of logic Gates. But big circuits use more complex logic gates. Popular examples of electronic logic gates are AND, OR, AOI, OAI, NOR, and many others.

Binary concepts used in MongoDB images

When the developers want to save large files into the MongoDB then they save it in either binary blob or base-64 encoded string. These are the most common ways to store big files. However, to save the small files they prefer to use formdata. With the help of formdata, developers save data into the database.

While saving the large files, they convert the file into a binary string and then save it into the database. This is a very common use of binary in the world of database management.

Binary is used in the register

As discussed above, binary is heavily used in most of the electronic equipment. Just like other machines, binary is also used in the registers for the information transmissions. Registers are temporary storage locations that hold data to be transmitted and address where it needs to be transmitted.

As the registers are used to save data and transmit. Registers store the data temporarily. Now, you would imagine that how does register know when to transmit data? Now, the binary concept comes into the picture. If the registrar receives a message of 0 then the temporary data remains with it and if it receives message 1 then it sends temporary data to the next register or flipflops. This is a creative and innovative way used by electronics for binary concepts.

It is used in the computer organization

The computer organization is a broad topic which you will study in computer science. The architecture of microprocessors uses the concepts of binary concepts heavily. As the computer systems can only understand binary numbers whole process in the microprocessors are performed with the help of binary numbers. The process includes the transmission of data, binary to text conversion, request processing, sending a response, and many others.

So, here are the main reasons, why students need to understand the binary numbers. If you are looking to make your career in computer science, electronics, or physics then developing basic knowledge about binary numbers is required. If you develop your knowledge, then you will have an upper hand while grasping new knowledge. If you have any queries or questions, then do let us know by dropping a comment below.

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