5 Great Smart Home Security Gadgets you need right now

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As technology travels faster than lightning, people are also keeping up with the fast-paced ride. After the rise of smartphones, smart homes are also placed in the high priority checklist. 

With the alarming number of burglary, crimes, and attacks in homes, it’s no surprise why more and more people are looking for more robust security systems.

However, the way technology is running now makes for extraordinary security systems. These are smart home security systems that operate even better than traditional home security devices

In this article, we’re going to touch on the ins and outs of the top smart home security gadgets you need. And why do you need to install them right now? 

What Are Smart Home Security Gadgets?

Smart home automation refers to any appliance, device, or system that connects to a shared network. 

Most of these gadgets come with a built-in or downloadable application that any homeowner can access anywhere. Say, for example, a homeowner is miles away, he or she can control or manipulate whatever appliance or device is connected to the network. 

These devices can range from controlling lighting fixtures, thermostats, televisions, appliances, door locks, and more. 

However, security is the primary goal of why these automated systems are manufactured. After all, homes are supposed to be a haven of protection for the entire family. 

Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Although living in a “smart home” may not come cheap, the investment for installing top-notch protection is worth it. So if you haven’t decided on whether or not smart home automation may be worth your bankroll, then here are the top four benefits that’ll hopefully convince you:

  • An extra layer of protection for the entire family. Undeniably, smart security automation can add a layer of protection on top of conventional cameras, double lock doors, and other modes of defense. 
  • Safeguards kids and elderly family members. Smart home security gadgets can give working family members peace of mind knowing that they can monitor their kids and elderly parents at home. 
  • Prevents fires and other common home accidents. Because we sometimes forget to unplug appliances before leaving our homes, we increase the risks of life-threatening fires. Automation can turn everything off the moment you leave the front door. 
  • Avoids burglaries from happening. Since you can now control smart locks and security cameras, you know your homes are always protected from possible thefts. 

Top 5 Smart Home Security Gadgets You Need

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Out with the conventional security cameras and in with the new state-of-the-art smart home security cameras. The beauty of these high-tech gadgets is that they now have facial recognition. 

They can now determine unfamiliar faces that it captures and alerts the homeowners wherever they are. Security cameras nowadays are also equipped with audio listening capacities which can be useful if some unidentified people attempt to break into your home. 

  • GPS tracking devices

Not knowing where our loved ones are the entire day can give us anxiety about unfortunate accidents that might happen. With a GPS tracker, you can now monitor your kids and all your loved ones wherever they are. 

In fact, some GPS trackers can now disclose information like driving data, speed information, and locations. 

  • Smart door lock systems 

Smart home door lock gadgets are changing the security game nowadays. Sure, a robust deadbolt can cut the mustard. However, with automation, you can now control the deadbolts by locking and unlocking them from your mobile app. 

Also, you can time the deadbolt “locking and unlocking.” Plus, some of these gadgets can come with digital keys that you can give to your loved ones. 

  • Smart doorbell gadgets 

Gone are the days where homeowners have to go near the door to view the peephole when someone rings the doorbell. 

Due to smart home automation, you can see the face standing in front of your door from your mobile app. If that’s not convenient enough, an audio capability can even let you speak with the person even when you’re far from the door. 

  • Smart security systems

You may also go all-out and install the smart security system. This system does more than one job and acts as your home’s “eyes.” 

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Smart security systems are equipped with motion sensors, powerful cameras, night vision, speakers, microphones, and more. In fact, some of these systems can be integrated with other artificial intelligence devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

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