Is Java actually used for iOS app development?

iOS and JAVA
iOS and JAVA

iOS app development is a popular field, and it is also one of the most aggressively growing domains. App development is on the rise because of the increasing number of mobile phone and app users. Therefore, every company nowadays is trying to build apps for both Android and iOS platforms in order to grow their business. As the number of people using smartphones is increasing. Thus, with the help of the mobile app, companies can definitely reach a wider audience. And, there is no doubt about the fact that this trend will only increase in the near future.

Let’s explore the mystifying combination of iOS and Java

Java is known widely for the development of native android apps. There are tons of reasons that make Java a perfect choice for Android app development. And, most of the iOS mobile applications were developed either by using Swift or with Objective C. However, there have been continuous discussions about the use of Java in the world of iOS app development. There are surely several ways to make the most of Java in the field of iOS. Though it is not very common, in recent times, Java is being preferred more and more for iOS app development as well. Also, there is lesser support which is available for iOS development in case Java is used for development.

Java is not used extensively for iOS app development. But, there are a lot of advancements that are being done in order to make Java software development a perfect platform to develop iOS applications. Java is now becoming a more stable language when it comes to iOS app development.

Java’s popularity in the iOS app development world is increasing

Java is not a new programming language. In fact, it has been there for quite a long time. And, therefore, there are a lot of benefits that Java offers to app developers. One of the major reasons that make Java a preferred choice for app development is the fact that it makes it easy to reuse the code. So, basically, you can write code once and then use the code in multiple places. Code reusability is definitely the core value proposition of this programming language.

One of the other benefits of using Java is that it is highly secure. Java has a host of features that make it one of the most secure languages in the world. It even helps the developers to use an untrusted code, but run it in a safe environment. Therefore, it doesn’t cause any issues with the system.

Earlier, the developers used to think that it is probably impossible to develop iOS apps using Java. Though, earlier, it was not suggested to use Java for iOS app development. But, slowly and steadily, Java is started to be used for iOS app development. Though, if you want to be an expert app developer, it is recommended to develop apps for the Android platform as well. Or, rather, there should be more focus on developing cross-platform applications. As, in the near future, there would be more and more demand for cross-platform app development.

When mobile apps are built for the iOS platform, they are pretty different from Android. The apps are extremely memory-intensive. Also, when it comes to the time that the compilation process takes, it is a bit on the higher. Though there is a lot of scope of iOS app development using Java, and therefore it will be pretty interesting. And, there is a host of changes done to the programming language as well in order to make it perfect for iOS app development.

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