Is Flutter the Next Alternative to React Native?

In the Mobile App Development community, there are always rivalries goes for choosing the better framework. Usually, most mobile app development relies on two major frameworks. Flutter and React Native are not only two of the most used app developments but also have a huge fan base around the globe. …

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8 Mobile App Design Tools that Inspire User Experience:

Mobile App Design Tools

User experience is concerned with designing for people and is concerned with how users use things, whether it is an application, a website or certain software. Talking about Mobile applications development Services teams place efforts to create designs focused on human behavior and how users are predicted to react to …

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How to Save on Development Costs: Things That Can Change Your Notions About Development

Save on Development Costs

Modern technology today helps in innovating newer and better solutions to existing problems. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to start owning solutions that can help them offer the best of their services to potential audiences out there and earn a good reputation in the competitive market. Therefore, posing as …

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Apple iOS 13: Rumor Release Date, Compatibility, Wishlist, Concept, Update and Download


Apple Inc. is such a big franchise that it has become the milestone that everyone is chasing after. Apple Inc, which was co-founded by Stephen William Hawking, has become a great success and it is the apex of electronic gadgets and accessories. Among these gadgets, there are several diversifications as …

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What’s New in iOS 12.1.3

Earlier today, Apple released the iOS 12.1.3 update for compatible iPhones and iPads. The first iOS update of the year from the company comes with a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements aimed at improving the overall experience of using your iPhone or iPad. The full change-log of the …

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ARKit 1.5 Now Available

iOS 11 is the biggest AR platform in the world, allowing you to create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for hundreds of millions of iOS users. Now you can build even more immersive experiences by taking advantage of the latest features of ARKit, available in iOS 11.3 beta. With improved scene …

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Apple Releases iOS 11.4.1

Apple today released iOS 11.4.1, the fifteenth update to the iOS 11 operating system that was first introduced in September 2017. iOS 11.4.1 comes more than a month after the release of iOS 11.4, a major update that introduced support for Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2. iOS 11.4.1 is available …

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