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divyesh aegis

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Divyesh Aegis is a senior writer and working with NEX – leading mobile and web development company in USA.

Cyber Attacks Everywhere? Is There a Way Out?

Cyber Attacks Everywhere Is There A Way Out

We love the way things have turned digital in front of our eyes. Be it shopping for our favorite apparel on e-commerce platforms, bringing home a brand new television, waiting for online sales to shop home-essentials, quickly shopping for online groceries and ordering food from beloved eateries. Everything has been … Continue reading

Does Developers Enhance Mobile Application Security?

Mobile Application Security

We all are so dependent on mobile applications for routine tasks without a smartphone, we cannot handle anything. Different companies and users use apps for different purposes, including tracking an order, or creating a shopping list or simply note the things. A mobile application developer is a person that creates … Continue reading