Does Developers Enhance Mobile Application Security?

Mobile Application Security
Mobile Application Security

We all are so dependent on mobile applications for routine tasks without a smartphone, we cannot handle anything. Different companies and users use apps for different purposes, including tracking an order, or creating a shopping list or simply note the things.

A mobile application developer is a person that creates and develops a program to provide convenience to other users. The number of downloaded mobile apps for the past year has crossed 200 billion and the companies expected numbers to grow to 258 billion in 2022.

With the growth in popularity, developers also experience extra concerns around their security. Take an instance of Ecommerce apps and healthcare apps that may include sensitive data of the user related to his overall health, location, and wallet details. On the other hand, business applications have data of the companies that require protection as well.

Mobile app security tends to improve over the last few years. There is a report published as 322 security flaws in android apps and 124 in iOS ones in 2018. The improvement is there but it also shows that developers have to work on that aspect in order to avoid data leakage.

A story published in Forbes that explained 70% of the most popular android apps leak sensitive data and put millions of user accounts at risk. This is the reason why it matters to launch the actual app and maintain it from time to time.

Here we got fewer guidelines for mobile app developers to enhance the app security and make users and businesses feel safe and protected-

1. Understand platform-specific limitations
Developers have to grasp the security features and limitations of the platforms or platforms that they are using for developing an app or code. They need to remember different use case scenarios, encryption, passwords, and geographic location support for the OS they work with. This is how it will be possible for them to develop and distribute an ideal mobile app for the selected platform.

2. Commence with a secured app code
Mobile application security should be a priority since the developer starts the project. It is proven that native mobility solutions are more vulnerable than web ones because once downloaded, the code resides on a device. This is the most common mistake of the businesses as they fail to focus on spending on a secured code.

The next mistake is of developers who fail to test the code which further causes vulnerabilities to the app. vulnerable apps are the soft target of hackers to access desired data with ease. Not all apps available on the app store are safe to use. There are plenty of unsecured mobile applications that have been put on several stores.

3. Encryption of data
Developers need to understand the significance of data encryption. They assume that encrypting code would be enough to secure an app but they forget that all data that is exchanged on the mobile app needs encryption too. When data is encrypted, it is still safe and protected against the hackers and they cannot access it without a key.

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4. Secure the network connections
All servers accessed by the mobile app need to have security measures to provide data protection and prevent unauthorized access. Developers can add extra security via encrypted connections or VPN. It is critical to protect the right data in the right way since the issue of leakage through a network connection is common.

5. Prevent Data leakage
When interacting with the app, users have to agree with permissions and most of the time, they do it in a jiffy without reading the terms. This is where businesses get the sensitive personal information of the user.

Ethically, developers need to implement advertising and use secure providers to ensure that their user’s data stay protected from hackers and malicious vendors.
Mobile applications developers can work on these areas to make a stronger app security range for their app users. There are mobile app development companies majorly focusing on building 100% secure mobility solutions that don’t risk user’s data and personal information. You can find such developers or IT companies in your local to work without putting the users at risk.

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