Quickest and Easiest Ways to Begin With iOS App Development!

So, you are looking to take a piece of the hottest tech thing around-the mobile pie?

Mobile is hot and will be for the coming years. Probably because of the mobile apps you get on your smartphones, mobile app development becomes necessary for every business owner. There are many iOS app development services exist on the internet that can help you get started; however, if you know nothing about development, this post will guide you towards becoming a good iOS developer. Since mobile app development is a vast topic, we are covering only iOS app development. Let’s get started.

1) Buy a Mac

The main tool of any iOS developer is the Mac machine. There is no need to get a brand new, expensive, and fastest Mac. A simple or old one would be just fine to get started. If you are looking for an affordable solution, go for Mac Mini-completely worth the money.

2) Install Xcode

The next step after getting a Macbook is installing Xcode in it. Xcode is your integrated development environment, essential for developing iOS apps. It is available for free, which you can download right from the Mac App Store. Using Xcode, you can code, edit the code, debug, and do many other things vital for iOS development. Besides, you will need Xcode to upload your app to the App store.

3) Learn basics of programming

If you have some knowledge of programming, picking up Swift or Objective-C will be easier for you. However, if you don’t have any programming background, things will be a little haywire for you, but do not give up easily. For beginners, there are two great resources;

a) Ry’s Objective-C tutorial

This tutorial will get you started with the basic coding, and later move on to the complex part of coding.

b) Swift language guide by Apple

Apple offers a free platform for all the enthusiastic developers looking to learn the Swift language for development.

You don’t need to mug up all the information because practicality of the learning is important, which you will do once you start implementing what you learn. However, it is mandated that you learn the basics like pointers, variables, classes, loops and data types to develop a context for further learning.

4) Start creating apps using step-by-step tutorials.

Finally, you should begin creating apps using many step-by-step guides available online. You can take help of-

  1. a) AppCoda
  2. b) Ray Wenderlich
  3. c) Stanford iTunes video course
  4. d) NSScreencast
  5. e) Cocoa Dev Central

These platforms will help you guide through the app development process. But, first, you should be aware of a couple of basics that we just talked about in the above pointer.

5) Start Working on your own app

So, you have finally gotten to the point when you need to create a custom app for your business or just a normal app to incorporate your learning. But, don’t be scared. You don’t have to create a world-class app; a simple app would do. However, once you learn the complex coding, you can convert your simple iOS app into a robust app.

The important point here is to make use of the skills you have learned: maybe you have learned UIKit the most and you want to create a complex user interface, or maybe you have learned to create a music player on iOS. In the end, it is all about leveraging your knowledge and build your app up on that.

6) Learn More About Software Development

The good thing about the Internet in today’s date is everything is available online. You don’t have to go to a school to learn computer science. A lot of programming, software developing and computer science can be learned on your desk. Start training yourself on strings, structures, arrays, objects, Boolean numbers, queries, and other things that constitute a good app development procedure. If things are still hard, take help of best iOS app development company, who have in-house experts to help you with the rest of the development procedure.

7) Finish Your App

The last, important step is to finish what you started. After months of learning about the complete development of iOS applications, you will be able to build the final design of your app according to your requirements. Organize your code, ensure that the app is working fine, test it on multiple iOS devices, and finalize the app.

8) Upload To iOS platform

To upload your app on the iOS platform, you have to have an iOS app developer account. It costs about $99 yearly. However, before uploading, you should be aware of the Apple’s guidelines and restrictions about publishing an app. Apple has thousands of restrictions and guidelines, which needs to study thoroughly before uploading an app. This step is important to you as you need to get your app to a platform so as to make it downloadable for your potential users.


This is it! You have successfully created an app and even have uploaded it on the iOS platform. The next step is to promote your app, which you can do by sharing it with your friends and the people you know. You can take help of many marketing techniques to make your app visible to potential users. Hopefully, you will be able to generate revenue from your apps too.

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