Apple iOS 13: Rumor Release Date, Compatibility, Wishlist, Concept, Update and Download


Apple Inc. is such a big franchise that it has become the milestone that everyone is chasing after. Apple Inc, which was co-founded by Stephen William Hawking, has become a great success and it is the apex of electronic gadgets and accessories. Among these gadgets, there are several diversifications as they use a variety of operating systems in their products. Among these, there are two products that we all are very familiar with. There are amazing iPhones and IPads.

So, to put things down simply, iPhones and IPads are a wide range of Phone and Tablets respectively that are produced and sold on a world-wide scale by Apple Inc. there electronic gadgets run on IOS which is an operating system that is uniquely found in Apple products and it was developed by their amazing research and development team.

Release Date of Apple iOS 13

In the last fan conference, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook (who was addressed on the position of CEO after the resignation and death of Stephen Hawking) announced a much-awaited update in the operating system of these gadgets and the name of this update is iOS 13 . It is a successor iOS 12 which was released in the first half of 2018. Since it has been almost a year, iPhone and IPad users were being impatient for this update. So, this conference was a great success as it has given away for this new operating system.

Apart from the announcement that Apple will be launching a new update for their operating system, they also cleared out most of the time frame when some important release events will take place. So, following are the further details as of how Apple iOS 13 will make its way into our gadgets:

First of the timeline is the official global announcement of Apple iOS 13. This event will take place in the month of June in 2019. In this event, we will hear some more details about Apple iOS 13 straight from the current CEO of the company Tim Cook. This event will take place in the famous WWDC, where a full-fledged demonstration of the new updated interface will be given on the live event. This way we will have the first look at the fresh look that is being launched.

After the announcement and the demonstration phase, the new Apple iOS 13 will be made available to the beta tester and other developers. This event will take its place in the mid or end of June 2019, just after the global announcement seminar of the new operating system. In this phase, all the veteran developers will use this semi-finished work and will check for any bugs or downfalls of the update. Once, all the developers will be satisfied with the update; they will offer their issues to the main developers. They will correct those errors to offer a great update.

Once the developers Beta phase is completed, a new public beta version will roll out in the market and for that, you will require a sign-up. Once you get your sign up done, you will get the notification regarding the installation available as soon as it set its sails. This event is set to occur somewhere in the mid of July 2019.

Now, in the period of July to August of 2019, Apple will publish regular beta updates as they will clear out any issues of bugs and lags in the big update. This is a very important phase as it will help the developers to get their final twitching done for the update’s launch in the alpha stage.

Finally, in September 2019, Apple Inc. will release its official update of Apple iOS 13 for the users to download on a world-wide scale. So, this is what the planning and release date timeline is fixed by the Apple associates.

What are the devices that are compatible with this fresh operating system?

As we know, in every update some devices are the main reason for the update while others are not considered that much of an important aspect. Similarly, in this update of Apple iOS 13, there are some devices that will fail to get the update but that’s not a downfall because new models are the target of an update. So, the following is an in-depth list of all the models and devices that will enjoy a new update in the mid of August in the form of a Beta Update of iOS 13.

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In the last update which was iOS 12, the list of compatible devices was something like:

  • IPad Pro: IPad Pro 10.5, IPad Pro 11, IPad Pro 12.9, IPad Pro 2017 and IPad Pro 2018
  • IPad: IPad 2017 and IPad 2018
  • IPad mini: IPad Mini 2, IPad Mini 3 and IPad Mini 4
  • iPhone: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Series (6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus), iPhone SE, iPhone 7 Series (7, 7 Plus), iPhone (8, 8 Plus), iPhone X series (X, XS, XS Max, XR)
  • iPod Touch – Sixth Generation

Similar to the last list, all the gadgets that were listed in the above list that were eligible for iOS 12 will also be compatible with iOS 13. Despite the fact that two devices that are not in the list iPhone 5S and IPad Mini 2 were not in the announcement, it is possible that Apple might not let these models avail the new Apple iOS 13 update.


To wishlist this new update, you need to sign up for the update program of the beta version which is set to be launched in July 2019. For this, you need to go to the official website of Apple and on it, you have to search for the tab saying sign up for IOS 13. Once you log in your apple id and password check the entire box at the end of the window and then click on finish. That’s it; this is all that you have to do if you are looking forward to wishlist this amazing new update.


The new iOS 13 update is based on the concept to make the user interface smoother and classier. The new update looks very cool and comes with a ton of new as well as current features. But as for the concept of this new update, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman explained this new concept to be a total package revolving around the new feature that is codenamed by Apple associates as ‘Yukon’. This is the theme of the new update and some other things will also be added into the concept such as revamping of the files and application tabs.

The most interesting concept that the developers have come up with is the new real-time split screen of the same application. With this concept, you will be able to use the same application in the mode of split-screen which is totally new and is claimed for the patent by Apple Inc.

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Some great updates are heading our way

Apple iOS 13 is full of great updates; in these updates, you will enjoy a lot of changes that will blow your mind. As mentioned earlier, ‘Yukon’ will be the name of the new update and the following are the features that you should expect in the Apple iOS 13.

  • Siri Improvement: Siri will get a great update in this new operating system. The department at Apple that deals with their prominent AI software Siri, is recruiting several new voices in their software. So, be ready for some advanced features in the new Siri update. Apple has gained a new Patent for ‘Intelligent Digital Assistant’. With this Siri will be able to manage your calls and it will decline an incoming call as per your situation by adapting your habits.
  • New and Improved Emoji Search: The Chief Emoji Officer and the creator of world Emoji day, Jeremy Burge explained how many flaws the previous iOS has and so, the new update will address a new way of Emoji search.
  • Real-time Multiple User Accounts: iPhone is a powerful device and with iOS 13 it will enjoy its full potential with the help of real-time multiple accounts. With this, you will now become able to manage home and work account on your Apple device at the same time.
  • Other improvements: Apart from these major updates several other updates are also stacked into this new iOS 13. These updates are Smart Wi-Fi, New messages Feature, In-app video resolution change, etc.

When can we download this latest update?

Apple iOS 13 is the talk of the tech industry right now. With all these new updates and features, the whole interface of Apple devices will reform completely. You can download this update once the beta developer run is completed, so all you need to do is to wait till the end of July and until then sign up for the update on the Apple’s website.

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