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iPhone 12 release date, features & what we’re expecting

Iphone 12

The iPhone 11 occupied huge limelight in the year 2019 with its fairly large battery, camera, performance, form factor, and nominal price range. However, the rumor mill is unrolling with the virtual fact that iPhone 12 would seem to make strides on all fronts. Most of the rumors are surrounding it to be one of the ‘cheapest’ and ‘slimmest’ iPhone for 2020. To what extent is this true? Could this be the best iPhone yet? Let’s dive deep and explore standout leaks and rumors about iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 – Moniker

There is a speculation about the name of Apple’s upcoming iPhone as the “iPhone 12” and this is a mere guess. Believe it or not, we have no clue what Apple is looking out to name the 2020 iPhone models? The truth will surface eventually.

iPhone 12 – Price & Release Date

As for now, there are no official rumors announced yet. But we have a famous industry analyst whose track record is great for iPhone leaks. It stated that the iPhone will be launched somewhere around the 2nd week of September 2020. The reason why we are so sure about this is that Apple has a tradition of metronomically releasing its phones at almost the same time every year. 

The next obvious question would be, what is the iPhone 12 going to cost? All things considered, that all relies upon what Apple’s pricing strategy this year is. The feature speculations reveal that the price of the new iPhone 12 would be slightly more than that of the iPhone 11. We anticipate that Apple should value base model approximately at $699 while including an extra $50 or $100 for the iPhone 12 Plus variants.

Expectation 1: iPhone 12 design could get rid of the notch?

iPhone 12

Apple could be rolling out some enormous screen and design refreshes for the iPhone 12 range. This time it plans to set afloat in the market with notch-less phones in which the camera is implanted under the screen. On the off chance that this happens, we’d anticipate that it should be a costly iPhone 12 model that has this component. In this case, it could be the iPhone 12 Pro Max version of 2020.

Expectation 2: iPhone 12 could have 3D depth-sensing in rear cameras?

As per much-rumored leaks about the introduction of the Face ID feature in the new iPhone 12, there is good news. Since the iPhone X, any recent phone by Apple rumored to have front-facing cameras that have 3D depth sensing. Finally, the wait is over with iPhone 12. Known as Face ID, this feature is used to scan your face in order to unlock your device or to manage payments. It’s been reputed that Apple may take it up a notch and incorporate that same framework with the back cameras.

Expectation 3: Apple could finally announce 5G on iPhone 12?

Apple’s reputable analyst Mi Ching Kuo hopefully predicted that Apple will be ushering in four 5-G enabled iPhones this year. Keeping this in mind, we are still doubtful about this rumor. There are several reasons behind this. According to the history of Apple to adopt trends, it has never been the first one to incorporate major upgrades and is still in no hurry to dispatch 5G enabled iPhones.

Last year we heard of the news that Apple had quit working with the main 5G modem supplier, Qualcomm, as a result of a disagreement about Qualcomm’s authorized charges. The matter got settled between the two in April 2019 and afterward consented to a multiyear 5G chip arrangement. This prompted Apple’s past accomplice for 5G modems, Intel, to at last leave the 5G phone modem business out and out. (Apple later acquired Intel’s cell phone modem unit for $1 billion.) Apple is back working with Qualcomm; however, we suspect it to be 2-3 delays for Apple to launch 5G phones.

Expectation 4: Apple could come up with a higher refresh rate

iPhone 12

A 60Hz or 90Hz refresh rate is too mainstream. How about an iPhone with a 120Hz refresh rate? According to the Apple tipster Ice universe, Apple is planning to reveal a switchable refresh rate between 60Hz and 90Hz in iPhone 12. In case this happens, this would be a huge update for all iPhone competitors.

A higher refresh rate helps to incorporate silky smooth fluid movement and animations on the device. And guess what’s the amazing news? It’s that the 120Hz refresh rate is not out of the question, particularly as some iPad Pro models have a refresh rate up to 120Hz. For sure, precisely that refresh rate has been supposed for the upcoming iPhone 12.

Bottom Line

A thumbs up for you plant to purchase iPhone 12 if

  • All you need is the best flagship iPhone with major upgrades
  • You need a 5G connectivity
  • You wish to have an all thinner and slimmer, increasingly cutting-edge phone. iPhone 12 makes certain to beat some top of the line cell phones from Google and Galaxy
  • You wish to have a phone with a higher refresh rate

Things being what they are, we can only predict and expect all features. Let’s wait and watch! Indeed, there would be lots of bells and whistles as we reach near to the final launch of the iPhone 12. In the end, from whichever phone you’ll switch to; we’ll suggest utilizing this content transfer app!

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