8 Mobile App Design Tools that Inspire User Experience:

Mobile App Design Tools

User experience is concerned with designing for people and is concerned with how users use things, whether it is an application, a website or certain software. Talking about Mobile applications development Services teams place efforts to create designs focused on human behavior and how users are predicted to react to certain stimuli present within a mobile application.

While looking at applications that fail to deliver we often ask the question as to what is the cause behind it and often we realize that the way the app made the users interact with it wasn’t to their liking. Having a great application idea is not everything, frequently researching is something not too many development teams want to dabble with and often times this important step is neglected.

With the precise research, developers should have enough information which put to good use can be a huge support in the development of near to perfect user application interfaces. But all this effort ends in vain if the right tools for development are not used.

When mobile technology combines with artificial intelligence and other machine learning architectures we get to see such useful and unique tools that can effectively assist application and software developers are able to convert their Mobile App Design Company idea into reality. With a wide range of tools available it can prove to be a struggle when choosing one, so here is some top of the line tools available that have the ability to create complex UX designs.


The sketch is one of the biggest players when we talk about the design world. This software first appeared in 2010 and has the ability to utilize completely vector-based workflows. Though this UX design tool is specifically dedicated to your Mac, it displays a clean workspace which makes it one of the best when a new user is trying to adapt to it. The tool has inclusion for the following features:

Native Tools, Inspector, Precision, Exporting, and Mirror.


This tool has been one of the main competitors of Sketch but has the ability to provide multi-user ability. Which means multiple users can use the tool while working on a project. Through Figma, users can rapidly compose and design interfaces. This extremely collaborative design tool as it is the best solution for projects that have multiple parallel phases. This tool allows for real-time development where the developer, designer, and copywriter can work on a project at the same time.

Figma is a cloud-based in-browser experience that has the power to automatically manage files, issues, version control so developers can get more focus while working on a development project.


This React-based design tool is the newer version of the old “Framer” and only works with macOS only. It lets the designer team sketch interface components and sends them to the development team for collaboration. FramerX consists of all the features that designers need to draw, from custom icons to unique illustrations.

This is the only design tool that can let the user create code mechanisms that can be cast-off to the React site. Through this tool, the development teams are able to easily sync their code editor of choice to the React components available for use in FramerX.


This tool is dubbed one of the best when it comes to wireframing and is great for handling dynamic data for more complex development projects. Applications that are more technical in nature and require extra attention can be easily developed through this tool.

Besides wireframing this tool also allows you to conduct prototyping, mockups, flowcharts, graphical documentation and much more.

But this tool is not easy for coders at the beginner level and needs some basic coding knowledge before using the tool itself.

InVision Studio:

The tool is still an early release in the design market and is gaining a lot of attention as it offers the ability for designers to create amazing interactive interfaces with a huge library of features. It also allows the user to create custom animations with numerous gestures and interactions. With this tool designer rather than creating a number of different artboards can achieve immersive designs by using one single artboard, this feature of the tool helps development teams think about more ideas and hence saves a lot of time.

Though the tool can only be used for macOS designs it is claimed to be the most powerful design tool that exists to this date.


If you are already a fan of Adobe you might find this software, not like any other creative cloud software out there in the market. AdobeXD is a vector-based design tool efficient enough to allow wireframing, prototyping and caters to both Windows Systems and the macOS. Though this tool does not have the function of layers like the other of its counterparts but allows the user to design using multiple artboards. The tool also proves to be efficient for work on multiple platforms like web + mobile.


This tool provides everything required for the creation of visually stunning prototypes from the stage of rough sketches to the final finished prototypes. Proto.io includes support for both detailed and vector animations and the user can work their way from hand-drawn sketches towards a detailed finished product.

The tool also works in sync with Sketch and Photoshop plugins if the users want help from tools outside the domain of Proto.io but the tool itself is well equipped to handle the end-to-end process efficiently on its own. Right now some of the biggest brands in the world are known to use this tool as this is AN ALL-IN-ONE software tool.


Most frequently used for wireframing, Balsamiq lets the user develop application architecture and layouts with real ease. It uses an interface that presents drag and drops features that the developers can use to link buttons and other pages. Balsamiq also presents the ability to share and plan your interfaces with external clients which makes it a very handy development tool.

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