8 Gadgets Every Household Should Have in 2019

Gadgets Every Household Should Have
Gadgets Every Household Should Have

Everyone desires their own space in which they can cherish their lives.
After all, having our own personalized home gives us a sense of great achievement and it is the core of our family relationships and nostalgia.
Whether it’s a small apartment or a full-fledged house — we want to make it a worthwhile place to dwell in. So, we decorate it with fine paintings, exotic plants, and exquisite crafts.

Meanwhile, the rise of modern technology has allowed us to live more conveniently than ever in the history of mankind. No household is untouched by its grace in the form of various handy machines and gadgets.
In 2019, we think you should have these 7 modern gadgets, which will make your cherished dwelling even more convenient and smarter!

1. Mirrorless Cameras

When it comes to preserving memories, a camera is the first thing that comes to mind.

Cameras have become an indispensable part of our lives. Of course, one of the main reasons is social media, but we want to present our memories for the future in the albums and videos.

Every day has something beautiful to offer, and we should have at least one dedicated device for pictures and videos to preserve them.

Why invest in it?

This is a compact, portable, and easy to handle the device. So, you can take it on your family trips, casual hangouts or just to take amazing pictures. We are recommending mirrorless cameras because they have surpassed DSLRs in many aspects and they are packed with amazing features!
Don’t miss a special moment!

2. Smart Faucets

The Smart Faucets are slowly replacing traditional faucets because of its practical features. It has three types — Hands-free, Digital and Combo.

Hands-Free Smart faucets are equipped with small IR sensors (Infrared Sensor) which detects your hands under the faucet and starts the flow of water and stops it when you remove your hands.

Digital faucets regulate the temperature of the water as per your preference and Combo Faucets are a mix of both Hands-free and digital. Of course, combo faucets are more expensive for obvious reasons.

Smart faucets help in saving water, it is more hygienic and a fancy decoration for your bathrooms. It’s a good time to replace your old faucets, anyway.

3. Firestick

With the arrival of the Internet, the age of the cable and dish is officially over.
This generation is watching Netflix and YouTube, as they offer meaningful content as per their preference and convenience on their laptops and smartphones.

One thing the Internet couldn’t take away is the charm of a big-screen television.
Amazon’s Firestick enables you to watch your favorite shows and movies from online streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more! So, your big screen is still a star in your living room.

Anyway, there are always some masterpieces that you want to enjoy with your family and friends. A useful addition to your home, indeed!

4. Alexa

Everything around you is becoming smarter every day and you need a smart someone to manage them.

Someone like — Amazon’s Alexa!

Alexa is an echo device that works by voice commands. Essentially, she is your personal assistant capable of doing many things — play songs, change channels, place a call, search info, turn lights off or on, regulate temperature and whatnot.
Huh, that was a mouthful!

If you are planning to make your home smarter, then Alexa should on your top priority.

5. Smart Light Bulb

Smart light bulbs are a great addition to your home!
They are easily screwed in the traditional sockets and they are connected to a centralized controlling unit (Alexa) via WiFi.

This simple gadget makes your life very convenient. You can switch the light on or off, change the hue, automate the lights as per your routine and manage the brightness just by using voice commands. The features depend on the light bulb you are purchasing. Another great gadget for your smart home!

6. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This cute little gadget cleans your home as it wanders around. It makes cleaning a lot easier for you by reaching places you cannot, like under the sofa and bed. Just keep its route free of obstacles and it is good to go!

Also, it comes with many features depending on the price. Some of them include self-charging, setting virtual boundaries (so that your disk shape friend doesn’t go out the door) detect surface changes and more.

If you have pets in your home, then he can keep them busy as well!

7. Electrolux Eco Dish Cleaner

This is an amazing eco-friendly gadget! “But what does it do?”
Well, as the name suggests it is a dish cleaner, but it comes with a bonus — it converts leftover food into compost or soil by ionizing it, a tasty treat for your plants! A great buy for your home and your plants. It is made of carbon fiber and uses solar energy to function.

If you have plants or you love gardening, then the Eco Dish Cleaner would be a very useful addition. This one needs no further introduction!

8. Portable Air Conditioner – honorable mention

If you love camping with your family, then a portable air conditioner is a must-have!
While you are camping you want to avoid humidity and hot temperature, which can easily spoil your mood and the occasion. It comes with various features depending on the price tag.

One of its main features is that it purifies the air while it runs and it is portable. It is also very useful in blackouts as it is efficient and it will be easy on your home inverters. Consider it.


All these cool gadgets save you time and make your life very convenient. But it does not mean that you become lazy. Instead, the time saved should be utilized to do something productive or memorable.
Many of us fear that the rise in technology will cause unemployment, but you have more time you explore yourself and understand the surrounding people. It is time we appreciate these technological advancements.
Anyway, we hope you liked our picks, and we will see you soon with another interesting post.
Have a great day ahead!

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