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Simplicity used to be a sign of privilege. Nowadays, it’s become something that everyone can afford. Modern lifestyle can still include your favorite gadgets and luxuries  without sacrificing simplicity. Instead, it means rethinking your relationship with technology, clutter, and stuff in general so that you can focus on what matters: creating meaningful connections with other people while enjoying life’s little pleasures.

Give up your smartphone plan.

Your smartphone plan is expensive and complicated, and it’s time to get rid of it. There are many ways to make calls without a phone plan, including using a prepaid phone or landline (if you have one), using Google Voice, and downloading an app like Skype or WhatsApp.

  • 1. Ditch your smartphone plan and use a prepaid phone: If you’re looking for the most straightforward option available today, this could be the one for you! People need to know that pay-as-you-go smartphone plans are still available from some companies and are not just a thing of the past. You can quickly locate them in popular retail stores like Walmart and Target and electronic specialty shops like Best Buy and Radio Shack. Plus, these are wider than just phones; many stores offer tablets too, so if yours broke while trying this method, no problem! Just pick up another one instead 🙂
  • 2: Use a landline if possible – otherwise, use Google Voice with wifi calling app like Skype or WhatsApp: If not all calls need answering immediately (like when sleeping), then leaving them unanswered until later could also work well here, too; especially since texts usually show up instantly anyway so no need rushing back home every time someone sends one over either 😉

Pick up a hobby, like knitting or woodworking.

The internet is an excellent platform to explore and learn about new hobbies such as knitting and woodworking. There are many free knitting patterns online; you can even find tutorials for making your tools (or buying them). If you’re serious about learning how to knit, it’s worth looking into taking classes at your local community center or library–or even signing up for an online course!

Woodworking is another popular hobby that gives people an outlet for creativity while providing practical benefits in their everyday lives. Although many will buy pre-made furniture from stores like Ikea or West Elm, plenty enjoy making home furnishings using simple tools like hammers and drills. You can even build things like garden sheds using simple hand tools like saws or chisels; these projects may take longer than expected, but they’re usually cheaper, too, since most materials cost less than $50 total per project. And if all goes well? Your new creation might end up selling on Craigslist later down the road!

Start a garden.

Engaging in gardening can be both enjoyable and beneficial for your health. It can assist in reducing stress levels and provide the necessary physical activity for your body. It’s also a productive way to spend time with your family, who will enjoy watching the fruits of your labor grow. And if you don’t have enough space in your yard for a garden? No problem! Plenty of community gardens around town where people can share their plots and grow food together.

Engaging in gardening can be an excellent way to unwind and find inspiration: after all, there’s something about tending plants that makes me feel calm and centered. And if you’re growing food for yourself or others (and don’t mind sharing), gardening can be profitable too!

Use fewer gadgets.

If you’re similar to most individuals, your household comprises various electronic devices that are consistently on and diverting your attention from your surroundings. This includes smartphones, laptops, computers, televisions (including those in the bedroom), tablets, and smartwatches–the list goes on! The first step to living a simple modern lifestyle is using fewer gadgets.

The good news is that these gadgets can be used for good and destructive purposes. Suppose we use them wisely and mindfully at certain times during the day (and night). Using these tools can enhance our connection while minimizing potential distractions from external sources such as social media or video games, which can often interfere with our productivity and rest.

Begin your day with a contemplative practice.

You can meditate, pray, or read scripture to connect with God and find guidance. Consider your ideals and objectives for a while. Then journal how this spiritual exercise made you feel so that when it gets tough later in the day (and it will), Remembering why these things are essential will be easier for you.

Declutter your home and office space to improve organization.

One of the most prevalent issues in contemporary living is clutter. It can make you feel stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Clutter removal might make you feel calmer and more organized.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Remove unnecessary things that last used long ago (e.g., old magazines). Donate them to charity if they’re still helpful to someone else!
  • Donate clothes that no longer fit or suit your lifestyle (e.g., if someone gave you a pair of jeans but they don’t fit). You could also sell them online at secondhand stores like eBay or Offerup to earn money back from what you spent on them originally!
  • Throw away any food leftovers in the fridge before they go wrong because they’ll end up smelling bad anyways when it comes down to having those kinds of things around us 24/7.

Reduce the new things you buy each week, month, or year.

Most people desire to live a happy and fulfilled life. One way to live a simpler and more peaceful life is by reducing the number of unnecessary possessions in our homes. This can be achieved by purchasing fewer new items more frequently. The first step is removing unnecessary or unwanted things by adding them to your donation pile (or selling them on eBay). 

First, list regularly purchased items such as groceries, toilet paper, and detergent. Then, check the purchase dates and replace any items last bought over six months ago with a cheaper yet equally effective alternative. This will help reduce waste while saving money over time because less expensive options usually perform just as well as more expensive ones (with some exceptions).

Stop buying things for the sake of buying something.

If you cannot justify the need for a particular item, it is advisable not to make a purchase. If you’re considering buying something and all your thoughts are, “I should probably get this because…” or “I want this, but I’m not sure if I need it…” then put down the credit card and walk away from the store! In the future, you may come across another opportunity that better suits your life, and you’ll feel good about your decision. Plus, your bank account will appreciate it. It’s that easy.

It’s possible to simplify your life without giving up everything that makes it fun.

  • Reduce the number of gadgets you own.
  • Cut back on the number of new things you buy each year.
  • Get rid of the clutter in your home and office space.
  • Start a garden! It’s fun, it keeps you active, and it can be gratifying to see how much food grows from such little effort on your part (and without any fancy equipment). If you’re new to gardening and need help determining where to begin or which plants are best suited for your climate zone or region, many helpful books are available with tips and advice to get you started.

If you can’t grow anything at all because space is limited, then consider planting some herbs indoors: these little guys require very little maintenance once established, so they’re easy enough even for beginner gardeners such as me 🙂


We hope this guide has inspired you to simplify your life and make positive changes. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of simplifying your life, don’t worry–start with one of these tips and see how it goes! Once you start a new habit or routine, other areas will naturally fall into place. What if things don’t work out? No worries, we have another blog post covering home gadgets to improve your life.

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