Could Your Mobile Phone Plan Help Your Gaming?

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What are some of the key aspects of a great gaming setup? For one, you need a console to game on. Secondly, you need to have an excellent internet connection to help you play online games. Thirdly, you need a fantastic array of accessories – like a TV monitor, headphones, and so on. Combining all of these things together will leave you with a fantastic gaming setup!

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to nail each of these elements. But, what if you learned that your mobile phone plan could be a valuable ally? It’s true, and there are two main ways that you can call upon this plan to help your gaming. 

Mobile Data

If you live in a busy household, it’s nearly enough impossible to have a good internet connection. This means that all of your games are spent with you lagging most of the time. It completely ruins the experience and makes you want to stop gaming. 

The problem is that your entire household uses the same internet connection. This is down to the bandwidth available with your home internet connection. For context, bandwidth is basically how much data your internet connection can handle in a specific period. If lots of people use the same connection at once, you need large bandwidth to cope with this. Some connections can, but others will struggle. 

This is where your mobile phone plan comes into play. Here, you can call upon mobile data to supply your gaming exploits. Instead of hooking your console up to your home internet, you connect it to your phone. Most phone plans allow you to use your device as a wifi hotspot. From here, you will find your phone when looking for internet connections on your console, then connect to it. Some providers – like EE – also sell mini wifi hotspot devices that act like portable routers. You can get one of these and put your SIM card in it to connect your console as well. 

Why use your mobile data?

The benefit of doing this is that you don’t have to share your data with the rest of your household. In essence, you’re not affected by all the browsing and streaming they’re doing. Provided you have a good cellular signal in your home, you could even see faster internet speeds via your mobile data. This leads to less lag while gaming, and far less game rage!

At the very least, you can use this alongside your internet connection. When the connection is too laggy, switch to your mobile data and enjoy fluid gaming once more. 

The only two concerns are that you may have a bad signal in your home, or you don’t have enough data. It’s a good idea to use this idea on phone plans with unlimited data – or close to it. This prevents instances where you’re gaming for hours on end and run over your data limit. 

Free Gifts

The second way your mobile phone plan can help you is with free gifts. Now, some phone providers will offer you the choice of a gift with your plan. These range from any of the following:

  • Games consoles – like PS4 or Xbox
  • HD TVs
  • Headphones
  • Speakers

As you can see, all of these gifts are excellent additions to your gaming setup. So, it’s worth looking into free gifts the next time you upgrade your phone plan. 

You can also use this to your advantage if you wanted to upgrade your games console. For instance, let’s say you have an old PS4 that’s on the way out, and you wanted to upgrade to a newer one. Now, you can sell your PS4 online, then use the cash to go towards a new mobile phone plan with a free PS4 as a gift! As a result, you have an updated gaming setup with a brand-new console. 

Of course, if you already have a console, you can use a new mobile phone plan for some accessories. Perhaps you want a new TV to enhance your gaming experience? Look for plans with 4k TVs as the added gift. The same goes if you want some headphones to use as a gaming headset, or some speakers to improve the sound quality. 

The only downside of plans with gifts is that you typically have to sacrifice some of the other benefits. For example, it’s rare you’ll get a plan with unlimited data and a gift. If you do, it will be very expensive. So, bear that in mind if you do go down this route. 

To conclude, you can use your mobile phone plan to help your gaming in a couple of clever ways. Take advantage of an unlimited mobile data plan to provide you with a superfast internet connection. Wave goodbye to lag, and say hello to a more pleasing gaming experience. Alternatively, you can upgrade your phone plan and look for free gifts. These gifts can be used to provide you with the devices you need to have fun while gaming. So, take your pick and start using your mobile phone plan to help you out!

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