Netflix Teases Mindflix, Which Allows You to Browse With Your Brain

Netflix Teases Mindflix, mindflix technology


Netflix Teases Mindflix, Which Allows You to Browse With Your Brain

By: Adam Hayes

Netflix is the pioneering service that revolutionized video rental, and essentially, put it out of business. It began streaming movies and television series, which eventually turned into Netflix original series’. It became bigger and continued to change the landscape of home entertainment, and eventually, competitors popped up to try and get a piece of the pie. Netflix continues to dominate the competition, and it recently teased the public with something extraordinary.

Could Streaming Entertainment Integrate Telepathic Technology?

According to a release from Russia on January 31st, Netflix teased the public with something called Mindflix . MindFlix technology would make selecting what to watch on Netflix essentially telepathic. MindFlix technology would center around a piece of headband tech, and the headband would let users go through the Netflix library, add shows to their watch list and incredibly, allow users to watch shows just by nodding their heads.

MindFlix Would Make Binge Watching Even Easier

Once the technology is developed, not only will it make selecting entertainment easier, it would will delight “binge watchers”. At the risk of offending people who watch a lot of Netflix and people who love to find a new series and watch it for hours on end, MindFlix would make things not just easier, but lazier. Instead of moving their fingers, would just have to flick their head a bit. With more and more “cord cutting” taking place, this is just another step in the evolution of home entertainment.A lot of people are probably wondering how this development came about though.

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NetFlix Hack Days

According to Business Insider, to come up with new ideas, Netflix routinely holds something it calls “hack days“. During a “hack day”, Netflix employees get 24 hours to develop new and interesting technology devoted solely to the Netflix platform. They get to show their projects off, and the best one to develop recently was MindFlix. The hackers employed by Netflix came up with the brain-reading, movie-selecting headband by tweaking another brain-reading headband developed by Muse. The Muse headband is usually used for guided meditation. To be completely honest, the MindFlix headband is not directly reading your thoughts. It is close though. It senses certain brain activity and uses the feedback to control some already-established actions.

When Will MindFlix Become Available?

It is hard to say when the tech will become available. According to the Netflix Tech Blog, Netflix is thankful for the creativity and effort put into the projects, but most never come to pass. The buzz around MindFlix would make it hard for Netflix to pass up pursuit though, which is purely speculation of course. It is difficult to pass up something that looks so feasible according to video and pass up generating continuous income, especially when it is something people obviously want.

Netflix has certainly changed the home entertainment landscape with its technology combined with developing Internet technology. Also, Netflix let the public know MindFlix might not come to pass like so many other projects developed on “hack day”. One has to doubt that Netflix would pass up something as tempting as Mindflix.

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