Review on Comparium

Review On Comparium
Review On Comparium

When you are developing the best website in your career, then you must rely on the most trusted tools for cross-browsing tools. This feature could be incorporated with automated testing as well. 

And the Comparium tool is the best amongst the choices online, which I also have experienced. To know more, read below the best reasons to use this application online and get the website you always wanted:

  • You can select different operating systems on Comparium

When you want to make a website usable for different users, then it’s necessary to ensure that every targeted user face and goes through the same experience as it is desired and expected from your developers. 

This can be the number one example of using automated testing tools online. That is also because you can easily select many operating systems together. These operating systems are Mac OS X, Windows, and others.

  • Select multiple browsers using this tool to validate your website’s interface

Another way to initiate automated testing using the Comparium cross-browsing web testing tool is to select the different browsers at the same time. This is made possible on its official website. 

When you click the URL button, you will get the amazing options to select from. It can also be given in the image below:

Moreover, when you select multiple browsers, the testing becomes easier. You can then target as many customers or traffic on your website as possible. 

That is also because this tool has the facility to test every top browser being used worldwide. The examples are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and others.

  • Delete the screenshots which you find are not useful anymore

Now, another advantage of using this automated testing tool is when you get select the screenshots you want to delete. So, using Comparium will never be a burden for you.

As and when the website development takes place, and you are sure that you would not need the previous screenshot anymore, then you can easily delete it from the URL address.

In short, this cross-browsing testing tool also allows you to manipulate all these screenshots as and when the need arises. This saves your time and effort as a business owner or the immediate developer of the website.

  • Use a single URL where every screenshot is stored

One of the many features that draw the attention of young entrepreneurs on the internet to save the cost of testing their websites, is that using Comparium, you can store all the screenshots in one place.

Then, you wouldn’t worry about storage memory in your desktop or personal/professional computer systems. The URL which gets generated can be saved anywhere in your notepad.

Then you can later on access the URL as and when the need arises. Moreover, these URLs can be updated on their own without refreshing the page, when you are working on your website.

Therefore, this feature of Comparium to automate the testing is one of the best amongst other it harbors. In short, it makes the testing of your website faster when you need to cross-validate the changes at the same time.

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