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Online services and apps are undoubtedly changing the face of today’s economy. Whether consumers are ordering their next ride with their phones or purchasing their groceries thought the latest app, so much of our daily lives hinge on using these applications. Read on for a closer look at why this kind of technology is so vital to modern businesses.

1. Improve Business Exposure

Consumers today spend more time than ever online and on their phones. Research shows that the average smartphone user spends 162 minutes every day using one or more apps on their phones. With this much face time, businesses that aren’t using apps to promote themselves lose out on brand exposure. By investing in and creating their own apps and online services, businesses are able to increase their opportunities to promote brand awareness.

2. Boost Customer Loyalty

Another important role apps and online services play is to boost customer loyalty. Mobile apps make it easier than ever for businesses to communicate in a one-on-one way with customers. Through the use of ads, in-app purchases, notifications, and customized promotions, businesses are able to create well-curated content that will keep customers engaged.

3. Increase Sales Remotely

As more customers are accustomed to ordering products and services online, apps and mobile-friendly websites are essential for brands hoping to improve their sales. Whether you’re hoping to make a reservation with Lotus Car Rental for your upcoming trip to Iceland or trying to hire a local dog walker, these handy apps and services have become essential to the daily lives of consumers. Brands that are hoping to remain relevant to their audience absolutely need some type of mobile-friendly service to allow customers to make purchases and manage accounts from remote locations.

4. Improve Brands’ Marketability

Gone are the days of traditional promotional campaigns in local newspapers and other outdated mediums. To really make a lasting impact and improve their marketability, brands have to rely on mobile apps as a primary marketing tool. Since so many consumers use their apps to make purchases, find directions, or ask for recommendations for local businesses, having an app or a presence on popular apps is a must for every business aiming to grow their marketing efforts.

5. Increase Accessibility for Customers

Customers rely on easy access to their favorite brands and apps make this a reality. Thanks to apps, consumers’ favorite brands are just a few taps away. Likewise, brands now have increased access to their audience as they can easily connect to their audience using their latest promotional offers and having notifications sent to their phones.

6. Centralize Information and Data

Apps are more than a way for businesses to communicate with customers and vice-versa. These apps act as a hub for data and information that businesses can use to source customer preferences and their behavioral patterns. Similarly, customers have easy access to all the pertinent details they need to know about their favorite brands just a few taps away.

Businesses today owe a majority of their success to the likes of online services and apps. By using this technology to expand their reach, improve their marketing efforts, and reach customers in new ways, businesses in every industry are taking full advantage of the changing times.

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