How the influence of machine learning can change the digital marketing industry

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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and businesses are not oblivious to the influence of artificial intelligence to improve business models and strategies. It’s clear that machine learning can intertwine perfectly with digital marketing.

Why? Because the thought of doing one without the other will leave you behind chasing the pack. Valuable insight into data is a must to understand your customer base and identify opportunities that can better your business from a digital marketing point of view. Data can outline relevant strategies that need to be created and anticipate the behavior of your customers to optimize your campaigns. This article helps to outline how machine learning can improve business marketing efforts.

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Improve Customer Experience

One of the major aspects of marketing that is believed to be the area machine learning could have the biggest impact is improving customer experience. It can improve it in a number of ways:

– Help the customer find what they want with personalized recommendations during their buyer journey

– Alert businesses when stock is low

– Provide support for customers 24 hours a day

A great way that this has been put to good use is through drop shipping, enabling a more efficient e-commerce experience whilst saving time.

Develop More Products/Services

The rise of the digital age has developed innovative ways for customers to shop. This means that companies can use data to target specific audiences in their customer base and tailor the service to their needs. This is where businesses are making strides in beating their competitors. From the data that they receive from machine learning, they’re able to create new products and services that they believe will benefit their customer base. For marketing, in particular, the development of voice search will influence how customer bases purchase products. It’s up to companies to make sure that they cater to these services.

Optimize Content

Machine learning is here to help humans, rather than undermine and outsmart them. This is the huge difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence. It helps to collect relevant data, analyze it, and then come up with useful solutions that can help to optimize it.

A perfect example of how this comes to life is through A/B Testing. Marketing departments can utilize A/B testing to determine what works and what doesn’t, with the help of machine learning. Whether it’s email marketing, website design, or paid advertising, this form of testing provides flexibility on trying new out new things and discovering what works. From the feedback that machine learning provides from this, marketing departments are able to optimize their content and produce better results.

Improved Personalisation

Personalization has never been more important for users as they strive for an even greater efficient service. More customers are now more likely to switch to a different brand or service if they feel though the company they’re currently with isn’t making the correct efforts to make the service personalized to them. How machine learning can help with this is with the masses of data that it can harvest to provide insights into what customers are looking for and their needs. Essentially, machine learning helps to create a more human experience. By being personal, not only is the customer satisfied but they’re more likely to stay loyal and breed long-term relationship in the future.

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Implement Chatbots

A new feature that we’re now seeing on many modern websites is the use of friendly chatbots to help navigate the user to their desired needs or destination. They tend to pop up rather early in the customer journey, offering help and advice from the side or corner of the screen. Machine learning in this aspect is crucial to the success of chatbots as each time an interaction occurs, it’s constantly collecting data and learning from the conversation. This then helps to provide more accurate data later down the line. In the future, we’re more likely to see chatbots take over from human assistants and streamline marketing strategies for companies. Here are just a few examples of machine learning can influence the digital marketing industry. With the data that machine learning can collate and interpret, it can help companies to provide better services for their customers and encourage digital agencies to offer methods that can improve brand and customer conversions. It can only be a positive influence for you and your business as it looks to provide more personal and positive marketing efforts to sell products and services.

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