Android or iOS – Which is the best Mobile Platform in 2019?

android vs ios
Android or iOS

On the substance of the technical world, the android is holding  88 percent of the offer in the market. It may be a superior decision, however, would you be able to overlook the high adaptation prospects that iOS offers. Straightforward arrangements can produce for the two stages, yet few out of every odd organization has a financial limit for it. iOS versus Android in 2019 – Which One Would it be advisable for you to Pick? What’s more, which stage ought to favor for your portable application advancement?

It’s a standard inquiry that huge numbers of our customers present when they approach for the necessity. The truth of the matter is that both of the stages has its upsides and downsides. In the event that cognizant produced using these, it makes it simpler to choose which one to decide to your necessity.  Building up an application in the two stages can be exceptionally requested when one ought to uniquely contract an iOS developer and Android developer. And regarding the repairing costs, consider any region, say in Dubai – an android device repairing is much cheaper than an iPhone repair in Dubai ! And this is a very important factor from the user point of view.

Which is the best platform for App Development?

This depends on different factors lets see in detail one by one:


There is a difference in using the platform android or iOS users. Android has a huge global share in the market. Apple dominates the app store for user spending. Consider the target audience based on geographic and demographic when decided to choose. If you are looking for global audience android may be the best. If you are targeting North America and western Europe Australia and NewZealand, then Apple i.e, iOS may be a good choice. Android’s largest global market share is almost two-thirds and it offers more app downloads than iOS. Many reports show that around 75.7 billion first-time apps worldwide, were installed from Google Play Store in 2019. Android gets much popularity in lower-income and developing countries, while iOS users are typically fashionable with higher incomes. Therefore, it depends from country to country and its population’s demand, about what will be the operating system for the app.


Each application advancement creates a specific revenue. Be that as it may, contingent upon a lot on what to pick it doesn’t illuminate the arrangement. In spite of the fact that Android has a tremendous market, it isn’t prominent as a solitary income generator and furthermore it not as sensible as it looks. The explanation behind the high income made by iOS is the more expensive rate made at distributing an application at the application store, Though Android is generally winning its benefit from promotions showed inside the applications. On the off chance that we see from the income perspective, at that point iOS applications make more business. Despite the fact that Apple has fewer clients and it creates fewer application downloads, the Application Store brings colossal profits. According to the report, toward the finish of 2018, Apple’s Application Store made about 88% more income than the Google Play Store. So all things considered, building up an iOS application will acquire more income contrasted with Andriod, however, it may have very fewer clients.

Development Period and Price:

The application developer is included with time and what amount does it assume to position it in the play store. The period for creating both Android and an iOS application is the equivalent. The huge distinction is unmistakable during the testing stage. Android needs to clear more mistakes to fix in application improvement instead of iOS application development. In this way, it takes more testing period than iOS application advancement. What’s more, the expense of the development of the Android application is more than iOS application development. The more it, the higher the value it takes. An application that is fit with the various stages and devices is a difficult undertaking.

  • Complexity in Development

At the point when contrasted and Android, iOS is less complicated. It is on the grounds that Mac has a couple of quantities of gadgets like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The fundamental issue with Android is fracture. There are numerous kinds of gadgets tablets, cell phones furthermore this, there is a distinction in working frameworks, screen sizes, and angles proportion.

  • Complexity in Development Time

Time is the unpredictability of android application development. It consumes additional time than iOS application improvement. By and large Andriod app development is 40% slower than iOS application improvement.

Project Timeline:

Project timeline, this term refers to how rapidly do you have to get your application to the market? Your course of events can have a huge influence in choosing what stage is adequate to build up your app. If you are creating for Andriod then it more often than not takes additional time because of the bigger release cycle and gadget fragmentation. Building up an application that is fit with numerous Android gadgets, for the most part, takes more time. There are numerous Android gadgets which have an assortment of screen sizes and operating system renditions running. So it turns out to be for all intents and purposes exceptionally hard to attempt to test the application support on every android form before launching. But then again, Apple has all the equipment and programming and there are far fewer iOS gadgets contrasted with Android gadgets. In this way, testing the application backing is a lot simpler on iOS. But one thing that can be an inconvenience for an iOS application is its standard choice procedure. It, as a rule, requires greater investment for an iOS application to pass the determination criteria and be discharged at the Application Store. On the contrary, Android applications, as a rule, take a day or two to be acknowledged and the updates can be pushed inside a couple of hours.


iOS is easier to design. Apple has an exacting endorsement and extensive procedure. Android is to upload on Google play. Adjustments and updates to application store accept long on iOS as it experiences a thorough and long endorsement process. Be that as it may, for android once endorsed the application is accessible inside a couple of hours and can play out an update and beta testing the rapidly and effectively.

Market Share:

Android has multiplied the versatile application share in the market contrasted with the level of iOS. The proportion of use indicates the quantity of Android clients is twofold the iOS. In view of end clients and downloading rate android hit iOS.

Pros and Cons of Android and iOS app development.

  • App Eco system

There is an extensive number of android mobiles in the market. Android offers clients progressively decision as far as devices. While Apple has unmistakable advantages for tablet applications and furthermore normally accessible for the two stages.

  • Social Media Integration

Posting updates and sharing on systems isn’t simple on android while it simple to post and share on iOS.

  • Data Security

Data security and protection is an issue on android. The client’s information isn’t secured. iOS is the most secure stage and ensures client protection.

  • Customization

Android works on Open source. Thus, you can get a huge number of free applications on Andriod. It is anything but difficult to alter. The high the quantity of applications expands the selection of clients bringing about top draws of android. It is hard for customization for iOS.

  • Malware

Android applications permit outsider applications which cause mischief to information and increment the malware. The application in iOS diminishes the chances of malware. There is a battle to choose what stage ought to create and go for. They are numerous aspects to think about when picking however from a business point of view, the android is more income than iOS. At the point when the organization has a long adventure in business, they can go for both the stages.

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