How to Fix YouTube not loading on Android?


YouTube, the biggest video stage on the planet needs no introduction. Regardless of whether it be for music recordings or online tutorials, YouTube, today has become a need for a large portion of us. Yet, imagine a scenario in which a YouTube application out of nowhere quit working. Youtube not working is presumably a bad dream for a large portion of us. By and large, YouTube is going, yet now and then, the recordings just will not play. This can be a serious problem for people who use YouTube consistently. Here are some normal solutions that you can perform when you face YouTube not working issue.

YouTube clients face various issues identified with the application. While for a few, YouTube recordings load, however, don’t play and recordings don’t load at all for other people. Essentially, different clients get blunders like no association, check your internet connection, error loading, playback error, etc.

Whatever issue you are looking at in the mobile application of YouTube, the accompanying post should help. How about we begin.

Enable airplane mode

The Airplane mode setting on Android phones impairs all the network-related connections. You should have a go at empowering it briefly and afterward disable it. That will likewise fix network-related issues on your telephone alongside the YouTube playback issues.

Stand by, the most recent update was answerable for the mistake. Around there, you can take downgrading the browser to a past form and check if that makes a difference.

At last, utilize an alternate program until a fix is delivered. Or on the other hand, you can evaluate Firefox, Chrome, don’t neglect to report the issue.

Turn off muted playback

This is for mobile users and you need to kill the ‘Quieted playback in feeds’ choice in the YouTube application’s settings territory. You will discover the setting under Settings > General.

There is no compelling reason to save anything. Simply check again if autoplay is working or not in the YouTube application.

Update or reinstall the app

Cell phone owners can attempt two old however regularly supportive strategies to settle this issue. One is to refresh the application to the most recent adaptation and the other is to reinstall the application. Doing so regularly tackles normal bugs and mistakes.

You are inside a tube

YouTube can be exceptionally habit-forming as other social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. All things considered, you can utilize YouTube to learn, comprehend, and develop decidedly. And afterward, every one of these music recordings makes the autoplay features considerably more significant. However, you don’t need it empowered consistently. I suppose that is the reason Google made it so straightforward by installing the choice right beneath the video screen.

Have you at any point attempted to get to YouTube on your android just to understand it’s not working?

It tends to be frustrating, particularly in case you’re an ordinary client. YouTube is the main online stage from one side of the planet to the other for reviewing most loved favorite tutorials, music recordings, film trailers, and whatever else you have as a top priority. Additionally, this is the sort of application that even youngsters use. All things considered, regardless of whether the website is down, all around the world, or your telephone has specialized issues, it very well may be disturbing when this YouTube application quits working, and thus, here is how to fix YouTube not chipping away at android.

Restart your phone

This is the main solution that should ring a bell at whatever point you need to fix your Android device. Simply restart your device, which takes not exactly a moment to control back on. In addition, it’s the quickest approach to fix any blunder happening when utilizing the YouTube application also.

To restart your Android devices are: –

• Press on the force button for a few seconds

• Then click on the Restart option

• Once the device is back on, open the application to check whether it’s working appropriately.

• Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube application

If restarting the device didn’t fix YouTube not chipping away at Android, you ought to consider uninstalling and afterward reinstalling the application. Nonetheless, for most telephones, the application comes pre-introduced, along these lines it tends to be hard to uninstall it completely. This implies the processing plant rendition of the application will be restored once you uninstall it. It is OK, yet you should refresh it.

Clear the YouTube cache

Clearing the YouTube reserve helps an extraordinary deal in guaranteeing the application runs along as expected. You ought to do this for some other application that isn’t working as expected as well and clearing store doesn’t erase any information from the application, it just resets the YouTube settings. You ought to do this all the more frequently to stay away from future errors. To do as such:

• Go to Settings on your telephone

• Then scroll down to Apps

• Click on YouTube, at that point Storage

• Next click on Clear Cache

• Restart your telephone to check whether the issue is fixed

• Check the network connection

Web association turns out to be the significant motivation behind why YouTube applications neglect to work. In case you’re utilizing WIFI, it very well may be the switch that has an issue or your telephone has an issue interfacing and in any case, check to guarantee that you’ve turned on the WIFI on your telephone and the switch is working appropriately. On the off chance that you feel that web association isn’t the issue, take an opening at opening Google Chrome, at that point look for anything to check whether the page loads or not. To be certain that your internet connection is functioning admirably:

• Open Settings on the device

• Tap on WIFI Connection and Tethering Hotspot

• Then check to guarantee the connection is smooth

• If not, just reemerge it and reconnect

• Update the system

An obsolete form of your Android can make a ton of issues to a large portion of the applications, including YouTube, and in this manner, you can fix the issue by refreshing your Android.

This is done by as below: –

• Going to Settings of the device

• Then search for System Updates, depending upon your device, you may discover it under About Phone.

• If you find the most recent rendition of Android is available, you ought to feel free to download it

• Once it’s finished downloading, it will expect you to introduce it

• Get the most recent YouTube application

This implies you update the YouTube application from the play store. An obsolete application can cause the application to have issues when opening up or when playing recordings. To fix it:

• Go to the Google Play Store application

• Once open, click on the My Apps and Games choice

• Then you’ll have the option to check whether an update is available

• Then tap on Update alternative

• Now, return to the YouTube application to check whether it’s working appropriately

• Update the chrome or other internet browser application

In case you’re utilizing Chrome to get to YouTube, and the YouTube application isn’t loading as expected, odds are your Google Chrome may be having a few issues and apart from Chrome, many other internet browser applications may be having comparable issues. The issue may be fixed simply by refreshing Chrome and here is how to do it:

• Open Chrome

• On the upper right corner, search for three specks and snap on them

• There is a rundown of choices you’ll see and select the Help alternative

• The tap on About Google Chrome

• Then click on Install

• Lastly, you will see a rundown of guidelines, you should simply follow them.

Check date and time settings

Albeit in uncommon cases, wrong date and time settings could be causing YouTube issues or different mistakes on your device, and to fix this issue follow these straightforward advances.

• Open Settings on the device.

• Click on Date and Time.

• Then tap on the Automatic Date and Time choice

• Clear the Google Play Service Cache

Erasing Google Play Service Cache could help fix your YouTube loading time and clearing reserve improves the exhibition of the applications installed on the device too.

To clear store on Google Play Service are as given below: –

• Open Settings on the device

• Click on Apps and Notification

• Then click on Google Play Services

• Click on Storage, at that point Clear Cache

• Try to add another Google account

YouTube application may be having issues because your present Google account has confined settings.

Here is the way to go about it as given below: –

• Click on settings

• Then look down to the Settings menu

• Click on Accounts

• Click on Add Accounts

• Then tap on Google

• On the space given, type in your email.

• Click on Next, at that point key in Password

• Lastly, click on Next

FAQ: –

How to fix YouTube not working on Android phones?

YouTube application

• Restart the YouTube application.

• Restart your device.

• Turn now and again your mobile data connection.

• Clear the YouTube application’s cache.

• Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube application.

• Update to the most current available rendition of the YouTube application.

• Update to the most up-to-date available rendition of Android.

How do you restart the YouTube app on Android?

Settling YouTube Video Playback Issue on Android

• Open the Settings application, look down, and tap ‘Application Manager’

• Swipe over to the ‘All’ heading, look down, and tap the YouTube application.

• Click ‘Uninstall updates’ and affirm the industrial facility reset of the YouTube application.

Why is YouTube not working?

Open the settings menu on your device, tap on Applications, and select YouTube the following stage is to pick Storage, which will raise two choices: Clear data and Clear cache. Clear the reserve first and check if YouTube currently functions as it ought to. On the off chance that it doesn’t, return and clear information to check whether that takes care of the issue.

How to play YouTube videos on your phone?

The most effective method to play YouTube recordings behind the scenes on Android

By following this guide, you will want to play YouTube recordings behind the scenes free of charge, and simply if you’re wondering, this works with both Android and iOS. Here’s how you can do it.

• Open youtube.com on Google Chrome.

• After the page is stacked, tap on the upward three-specks symbol on the upper right and select Desktop site.

• Now look for any video and open it.

• On the following page, your video will consequently begin playing.

• Now exit to the home screen, however, you’ll see that the video will quit playing behind the scenes.

• Pull down the warning shade, and you will see the media controls of the video that you just played.

• Now just tap play and your video will begin playing behind the scenes.

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