Android App Development With Python – Top Tools and IDEs

android app development with python

In a world where mobile apps are a big part of our daily lives, Android app development has become a crucial skill for prospective developers. And when it comes to picking a programming language that hits a perfect balance between being easy and powerful, Python takes the lead.  Python’s versatility …

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What are the key differences between MIUI Versions and Builds?


MIUI, the Android-based operating system developed by the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, has a loyal following among smartphone enthusiasts worldwide. MIUI is known for its customizable interface, innovative features, and regular updates. However, there are several MIUI versions available, including MIUI China, MIUI Global, and MIUI EU Custom ROM. In …

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The Future of Android Accessories: Emerging Trends and Must-Have Products

One must be aware of the best Android accessories in the present time because of the complexities of the modernized world and its significant challenges. These accessories make our lives simpler in many ways and get things done efficiently and effectively once paired up with the right gadget. The smart …

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Is Flutter the Next Alternative to React Native?

In the Mobile App Development community, there are always rivalries goes for choosing the better framework. Usually, most mobile app development relies on two major frameworks. Flutter and React Native are not only two of the most used app developments but also have a huge fan base around the globe. …

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Here’s How to Execute Dark Mode Theme in Android

Dark Mode

                                                              [Image] Source Android Q is getting to be friendlier on the human eyes by introducing another framework wide Dark Themes. This new topic is anything but difficult to empower in the Quick Setting board which changes the hue plan of the whole framework to all-dim to have a complete …

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Why You Should Prefer Android One Smartphones Over The Others


Android smartphones are becoming more popular these days. Around 87% of the market share holds android devices. Android is popular due to its open-source approach. Android app market has a larger audience. Many companies that offer mobile app development services have built a lot of useful apps which makes our …

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How to Save on Development Costs: Things That Can Change Your Notions About Development

Save on Development Costs

Modern technology today helps in innovating newer and better solutions to existing problems. Therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to start owning solutions that can help them offer the best of their services to potential audiences out there and earn a good reputation in the competitive market. Therefore, posing as …

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Android or iOS – Which is the best Mobile Platform in 2019?

android vs ios

On the substance of the technical world, the android is holding  88 percent of the offer in the market. It may be a superior decision, however, would you be able to overlook the high adaptation prospects that iOS offers. Straightforward arrangements can produce for the two stages, yet few out …

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