Probed Methods to Convert Excel File Contacts to Mobile Phone

Summary: Do you want to convert Excel file contacts to an Android phone without any hurdles? The post provides complete methods to convert Excel contacts to the VCF file format. Users can see the advantages of a VCF file, and they can use a suitable approach to convert Excel contacts to Android phones. Read the complete post to convert Excel contacts to mobile phones.

Motives for Contacts Transfer from Excel to Android

Excel contacts are probably something you’ve heard about. You can have a fresh list of people’s data, such as name, email address, phone number, address, etc., thanks to this software.

You can effortlessly maintain or update contacts as often as you’d like using Microsoft Excel. However, a customer can want the import of contacts from Excel to Android for a variety of reasons. A few are clarified:

  • Contact Management: Excel is widely used by clients to manage their data. Excel is a raw program that makes it simple to turn unstructured data into meaningful information. For this reason, after managing their contact information in Excel, users wish to transfer it back to their Android smartphone.
  • Send emails to clients and accounts Contacts: CSV contact files are readily accessed in Excel and are supported by the majority of email desktop apps and email accounts. People are searching for a solution similar to importing CSV Contacts to Android Phones because of this.
  • Sync your contacts online: You can use Android to sync your contacts with the Internet and update them whenever necessary, which is another incentive to move contacts from Excel to Android.

Methods by Hand for Bringing Excel Contacts into Android

Gmail will be used in this instance as a third party. We will first convert the Excel file to CSV format before importing it into our Gmail account. To transfer contacts from Excel to Android, adhere to the provided step-by-step instructions:

First, convert Excel to CSV format.

  • Open your Excel file first.
  • On File > Save As, click.
  • Next, choose CSV as the saving format.
  • Explore the area as you see fit.
  • To import Excel contacts to Android, click the Save icon.

Step 2: Changes Imported Into Gmail

  • Launch the Google Contacts app.
  • From the list, pick the Import tab.
  • Choose Import after selecting the modified file.

Step 3: Obtain Gmail Contacts in VCF Format

  • Choose the contacts that were uploaded.
  • Select the button for exporting.
  • Click the Export button after selecting the vCard option.
  • After choosing the location, click the save icon.
  • You can now import contacts from Excel to Android by following the instructions below. Your contacts will now be stored in VCF format.

Procedure in detail for converting Excel contacts to phone:

Users can attempt the GainTools Address Book Manager Tool to easily move/import Excel contacts to Mobile Phone. if they wish to convert Excel contacts to mobile phones without any issues. Any version of Windows, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and so on, can be used to obtain this program. To view further capabilities, download the tool’s free demo version.

Follow some easy steps to convert Excel contacts to VCF file format:

  • First, go to the official website and download the software.
select import export contacts
  • Launch the app when the utility has been installed, then accept the terms of service.
  • To convert an Excel file or folder to a VCF file format, choose it now.
choose file format
  • Before ending the conversion process, view every Excel contact.
  • Choose where you want the converted data to be stored on your computer or laptop now.
  • After completing these steps, click the “Convert” icon to begin the conversion process.
click next button

What Benefits Can a Direct Solution Offer?

  • Compatibility of Windows OS: All Windows OS versions are compatible with the Excel to mobile contact converter. Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and all earlier versions are among them.
  • Select the Path to Your Destination: You can select the destination location for the newly converted files to be saved to using the software. You are free to select the place based on your needs.
  • Free Demo Edition: The tool provide the free demo edition to all users that they can see more features of this application without any payment.
  • Safe & Secure: The application is fully safe to convert Excel contacts to VCF file format. There are no chances of data corruption and data loss once the conversion process begins.

Last Thoughts,

In this blog, users can learn the simplest techniques to convert Excel contacts to phone calls without facing any issues. There are two methods available. The first method is easy to use to convert Excel contacts to phone calls, and the other is a professional tool. The GainTools Address Book Manager Tool can export multiple Excel contacts to VCF file format without any data size limitation. On the other hand, the manual method is time-consuming and requires a technical expert to export Excel contacts to VCF file format. Use the best method to convert Excel contacts to VCF file format.

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