Proven & Safe Techniques to Save (vCard) VCF Contacts to PST

In this technical post, you will learn how to convert many VCF files into PST files. We’ll inform you about one of the greatest and fastest VCF-to-PST converter software packages to help you resolve this issue. We’ll go over the exact steps needed to convert files using this fantastic program in this article.

There are several benefits to using vCard files over VCF files when keeping contacts, and there are numerous varieties of VCF files as well. However, the only file type you can rely on when importing vCard contacts into Outlook is PST. Thus, go straight to the VCF File to PST Converter and start the procedure without losing any more time.

Extended Functionalities of the VCF to PST Conversion Utility

You will learn about some of the top characteristics that made this product stand out for its excellence in this area of the blog.

  • Your VCF files, along with contact details, can be converted into PST file types with this utility.
  • Gives you the ability to see the files you’ve chosen before converting them.
  • Allows mass VCF file conversion to PST as well.
  • Support all versions of vCard files, including versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • Moreover, this program supports vCard files from Skype, G Suite, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, and other sources.

A Few More Software Features

We’ve included a couple of this tool’s other features below. Check out this excellent Address Book Manager tool’s features.

  • Make Single and Multiple PSTs: One of the features of this program is its ability to operate based on user input. Thus, the user has the option to both produce a single file containing all of the converted files and export each transformed file separately.
  • Option to Sort VCF Contacts: This program allows you to arrange all of your contacts in alphabetical or numeric order based on your preferences. This feature will not only help you locate your contacts quickly, but it will also save you time.
  • Compatibility with Windows OS Versions: All previous and current iterations of the Windows operating system are completely compatible with the VCF file to PST converter program. It consists of Windows Server 2008, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, and 2021; Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit); and Windows 11 (64-bit).
  • Multiple Export Formats: You can export your VCF files in a variety of formats using this program. The alternatives that are available are enumerated below:
    • Export to a fresh PST
    • Save it as a pre-existing PST.
    • Export to a Microsoft Outlook profile.

Free Download: Software to Convert VCF Files to PST

With the help of this GainTools Address Book Manager Tool, you can quickly convert/Save (vCard) VCF Contacts to PST. Furthermore, all of the vCard versions (specified versions) are compatible with the program. Therefore, creating a new PST file or creating VCF file contacts in an existing PST is simple.

With both 32- and 64-bit processors, users can utilize this solution on any version of the Windows OS with ease. Additionally, during the process, the program maps contact areas and preserves data integrity.

Step-by-Step Details of the Software’s Operation

  • On your computer, download, install, and use the GainTools Address Book Manager.
  • If needed, select the Add File/Add Folder option in the following step.
select import export contacts
  • Now, choose the one VCF file or the whole folder from your local system that has several contacts to add to the software, then click the OK button.
  • View your chosen files on the following screen when the files have been added.
  • Next, choose from the available options to create a new PST file or to choose the already existing one.
choose file format
  • In this stage, select the output PST file’s desktop location by clicking the Browse option.
  • In this stage, finally, click the Export button to finish the procedure.
  • To complete the procedure, tap OK on the prompt message displayed on the screen.
click next button

Final Judgments

This article contains the greatest Address Book Manager application with many features if you’re seeking a solution to convert vCard files to another file format in bulk while using a Windows computer. Therefore, you can test out this tool’s free sample edition if you require a dependable answer.

Popular Questions Among Users

I have VCF files that I would want to convert to PST files so they can be opened in my Outlook program.
Yes, you can convert contacts from VCF files to new or existing PST files using this program without affecting the application’s current data.

Is it feasible to convert many VCFs to PST files at once?
Yes, you can convert numerous files at once without altering the data by using this program. One of its features is the ability to convert a folder full of VCF files.

How can I convert 100 vCard files that are stored on my Windows 11 PC into a PST file format?
The answer is that you can run this VCF to PST conversion program on Windows 11 and convert VCF files to PST format without any issues. After that, importing VCF into your Outlook contact book is easy and doesn’t cause any data loss.

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