Easiest Way to Convert Outlook PST to EML File in Bulk

Convert Outlook PST to EML File in Bulk

Find out how to convert Outlook PST to EML in bulk as quickly as possible. This post will discuss various PST to EML conversion techniques and their advantages.

According to the needs at hand and the shifting demands of the users, several file formats may or may not be required for data storage. Even though PST files are widely used to store email data, there are situations in which converting Outlook PST to EML files is required for a number of reasons. EML files contain email addresses. Outlook is the only application that can open PST files, other programs that can open EML files include Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and others. This blog will cover all the aspects required to convert Outlook PST to EML. Before discussing the how we will address the why. We will make an effort to provide thorough information on all PST to EML conversion-related topics.

What justifies the conversion of Outlook PST to EML?

PST to EML conversion can be done for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below –

  • While PST files are exclusive to Microsoft Outlook, EML is a widely supported email format that a variety of email applications can access.
  • It could be required to convert PST files to EML format when moving from Outlook to another email client or platform, like Thunderbird or Gmail, in order to transfer contacts, emails, and other data into the new setup.
  • Accessing and managing EML files is simpler and doesn’t require Outlook or any other email software.
  • Emails may be managed and stored more easily and with less file size when converted to EML format.
  • EML files are easily shared with others by email or other channels, which makes exchanging particular emails with clients or coworkers or for collaborative work easier.

Which Techniques Exist for Converting PST to EML?

The following lists the several ways to convert Outlook PST to EML:

Method 1– Using Thunderbird

Method 2 – Employing Expert Instrument

Let’s go over each of the two approaches separately –

Method 1: Use Thunderbird to convert PST to EML

  • Open the Thunderbird email client first. Navigate to Tools >> Choose Import.
  • You have two choices here: import everything or choose which kind of material to import.
  • Select Import Everything. Next.
  • Choose Outlook. Next up!
  • The conversion process from PST to EML will begin on its own.
  • The entire PST mailbox will then appear in Thunderbird.
  • After choosing every email, right-click >> Save as >> Give the location for exporting PST emails to EML files.

Constraints with the Manual Process –

  • Manual techniques take a lot of time.
  • Technical knowledge is necessary.
  • Errors by humans are very likely.
  • It’s not uncommon to struggle with corrupted PST files.

Method 2: Using a Professional Tool to Migration Outlook PST to EML

A specialist software program called DataVare Outlook PST to EML Converter was created to make it easier to convert Outlook PST Personal Storage Table files into EML (Electronic Mail) format. The creator of this conversion program is DataVare Software, a top supplier of email management and migration tools.

PST to EML Converter Features –

  • The program is made to guarantee that PST files are converted to EML format accurately and efficiently.
  • It maintains the layout, metadata, attached files, and folder organization of emails in their original format.
  • With the help of this converter, users can convert several PST files at once into the EML format in bulk.
  • Users can choose which emails or folders they want to convert from PST files to EML format.
  • The conversion can be completed without Outlook installed on the user’s computer, increasing accessibility and versatility.
  • The program has an intuitive, user-friendly design that is simple to use.
  • PST to EML Converter ensures broad compatibility across diverse situations by being compatible with multiple Microsoft Outlook editions and Windows operating systems.

Procedure for Outlook PST to EML Conversion –

  • Download and install PST File Converter.
  • Then, click Add files, Add folders, or Search Folders.
  • Outlook PST to EML conversion requires that the file format be set to EML.
  • Next, select the destination where you want to export the file and press the Next button.
  • The conversion from PST to EML begins automatically.


In conclusion, Outlook PST to EML conversion is a critical step in enhancing email management, ensuring portability of data, and expediting the process of transferring across many email clients. As we’ve seen, there are numerous methods for converting PST files to EML, each has advantages of its own and may be used by different kinds of users.

For those seeking a reliable, simple, and fast solution, using dedicated PST to EML converter software is still the best bet. Programs like PST to EML Converter, which even non-technical individuals can utilize, simplify the converting procedure. By allowing users to quickly convert large quantities of PST files to EML format without incurring the danger of data loss or corruption, this program ensures a safe and seamless migration of email data.

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