Why You Should Prefer Android One Smartphones Over The Others


Android smartphones are becoming more popular these days. Around 87% of the market share holds android devices. Android is popular due to its open-source approach. Android app market has a larger audience. Many companies that offer mobile app development services have built a lot of useful apps which makes our daily life super easy. And also android smartphones are available at all price ranges rather than iPhone which is targeted only flagship devices. As android is open-source, smartphone manufacturers are able to add their own features to the Android OS rather than iOS which is limited to a single company Apple. Let’s take a look at some of the major custom android OS.

  1. MIUI (Xiaomi)
  2. Oxygen (OnePlus)
  3. EMUI (Huawei)
  4.  Samsung One OS
  5. Stock Android (Google Pixel)
  6. Asus Zen UI (Asus)

Many major smartphone manufacturers have their own custom OS for their smartphones. The features may vary by OS, and the phone manufacturer is responsible for the software updates as well as hardware support in these types of smartphones.

So what if the company or manufacturer is not able to create an OS?

For them, there is an android one. Android one is a program conducted by Google which helps to give software support to smartphones. If the company is releasing an android one smartphone, google will directly provide software support to the devices. Google will provide 2 major software OS for 2 years and security patches for up to 3 years. For low-end smartphones, Google has a program named Android Go which is mainly targeted budget devices. Android Go helps smartphones in many intelligent ways. It takes only a few storage and less processing time. These features will make the smartphone faster than normal bulky android OS.

Why Android One?

Faster Software and Security Updates

Android One is the purest form of Google’s Android operating system. Unlike from android one, the OS’s like MIUI, EMUI etc release software updates slower. This case is the same in the security patches also. Manufacturers release software updates and security patches late. As android is directly from Google, Android One and Android GO will get all major software updates and security patches faster. While some manufacturers even lag to provide major OS upgrades to the older smartphones, google is assuring 2 years of software updates and 3-year security patches. 

Optimized For Google Assistant

Google’s assistant is pre-installed in every android smartphone. With google’s assistant, you can do a lot of things with your smartphones. Google helps you to make calls, text, find a route, view your daily schedules, and much more. The Android One OS fully optimized for google’s assistant so if you are a frequent user of google’s personal assistant, it’s better to choose an android one. 

No Bloatware

Another key to an android one is there is no bloatware. Your smartphone is pre-installed with google apps, whereas in custom android os you will see a lot of bloatware. You have to take two browsers, one from google and one from your mobile manufacturer. This never stops in the browser, you will have two app stores, two email apps, two cloud storages, etc. Remember more the app is installed, more the processing will increase which leads your smartphone into slower like a snail, and the battery will drain faster.

AI-Powered Features

The latest version of android one smartphone comes with artificial intelligence technology. The smartphone studies you and it makes you simpler to use. Android Pie is the latest version of android it features an Adaptive battery that understands your smartphone usage and optimizes the unused apps which helps you to save your battery. It also features adaptive brightness so you don’t need to adjust the smartphone brightness manually.

So What About Custom UI?

As the name itself says custom UI provides more customization options. Android One allows you to customize wallpaper and other few elements, where custom UI provides a lot more than that. EMUI powered by Huawei allows you to change the menu style which looks like iOS. Samsung One UI supports ultra power saver feature which helps you survive 24 hours with a 10% battery life. Xiaomi MIUI features gestures for simple operations, MI Drop for fast file sharing, Dual Apps for personal and works separate, Xiaomi remote to access electronic devices

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Both android one and Custom UI provide the best features you can select your desired platform according to your needs.

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