Here’s the secret sauce to increasing your smartphone life to an extent

increase your smartphone life up
increase your smartphone life up

Smartphones are playing an essential role in our day to day life. In this modern era, we can’t even think about life without smartphones. We all use our smartphones daily for a lot of purposes. Rather than calling or texting smartphones has broken the boundaries, now we use for our business purposes like checking mails, fixing appointments, etc. And also for personal purposes like movie ticket booking, watching movies, etc. There plenty of mobile apps which make our daily life more easy. Many major companies have invested in mobile app development .  Unfortunately, we are always concerned about our smartphones. We always wanted our smartphone to last more than a couple of years. So what are the things we should take care of using a smartphone?

Here’s my secret sauce for you to increase your smartphones life

1. Avoid physical damages

smartphone broken display

Physical damage will cause the entire death of your smartphones. It can also void your warranty. We have to protect our smartphones from physical damages. Firstly don’t throw your smartphones. Personally I have a habit of thru my smartphone without care to the bed or sofa. If the smartphone gets a hard pressure it may cause internal damages. Try to avoid

  • Throwing your smartphone
  • Connecting charger with high force
  • Handling without care
  • Carrying your smartphone and key in the same pocket which causes scratches
  • Water Damage

To avoid Physical damages try to use a back cover. It may protect your smartphone up to an extent. There are plenty of choices on back covers. You can choose 3rd party cases or smartphone manufacturer cases.

2. Remove unnecessary apps and photos

Many of us have a feeling that our smartphones are becoming slow after a couple of years. This is because there are a lot of cache files in the storage and our smartphone becoming hard to manage these files hence it affects processing speed and gradually phone will become slow.

To avoid these, you need to uninstall the unwanted apps and games. Only keep the most important apps and files on your phone. If you are using a Micro SD card, keep your photos and music in it and use phone storage for apps. Or you can use Cloud storage for keeping your files and free your phone memory space.

3. Give a break to your smartphones

Your phone needs rest like every machine. So give a break to your smartphone at least once a week. Whether you are working or while you are at home or during bedtime just switch off your smartphone and gave it a break.

4. Avoid consecutive charging

Consecutive charging kills the battery faster. Our smartphone battery life depends on battery cycles. Let’s take a look at an example. If you are about to go out and your smartphone has a 45% battery and if you charge it to make it 100% it will cost a battery cycle. Instead of that, you can charge your smartphone while the battery life below 20% and make it 100% so you can utilize a battery cycle effectively. Don’t make your smartphone 0% and waiting for it for turn off. Always take care of the battery life cycle it will help you a big boost in performance and battery life.

5. Turn Off Unwanted Features

Keeping the unwanted things on drain your battery life as well as it turns your smartphone to low processing capability by continuously running the services on the background. Keeping services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Location Services etc take a huge amount of battery. You can turn off these features while they are not in use.  

6. Use authorized charger only

smartphone charging

Using the unauthorized charger to your smartphones can kill your battery as well as the mobile phone’s motherboard. Using a high voltage or quick charge charger to unsupportive smartphones can even damage the motherboard of your smartphone. Always try to use official recommended chargers to your smartphone.

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By taking care of these tips you can simply improve your smartphone’s overall life. Eventually, you don’t need to change your smartphone year by year. Simply following these tips will surely help you to run your smartphone for a couple of years.

So what are your thoughts let me know in the comments? 

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