Is a Shadow CRM app destructive for your business?

Shadow CRM app

The demand for applications and software is increasing tremendously in the world today. Mostly because of the widespread digitalization. Businesses require software and programs for most of their business operations. This also means that the software companies or the teams have to constantly develop a high volume of new and useful IT solutions for the businesses. And, therefore, the most prominent obstacle that most of the software development teams face is to make innovative solutions. Sometimes, the traditional engineering teams and techniques are also not sufficiently equipped to create high-end apps or solutions for modern businesses. And, this scenario has given rise to Shadow IT.

Shadow IT, which is also known as stealth IT is harmful for any organization. It is regarded as the unapproved use of information technology. Shadow IT is the situation when information technology is used within a company, without the consent of the IT department of the company. And, the cost or rather the expenditure is done by Shadow IT is severely hampering the IT budget of any firm. Though more use of the easy to access SaaS is sometimes termed as beneficial for the companies, but mostly it creates a host of issues. And, Shadow apps even adversely affect the CRM of a company. We will explore this further in this article.

How is Shadow Apps or Shadow IT impacting the CRM?

Shadow IT negatively affects every part of the business. And, shadow apps or IT hampers the CRM as well. As, most of the activities that are associated with shadowing, happen outside the business. Thus, the CRM platform or the CRM team or even the IT team hardly has any knowledge about the activities. And, since the activities are performed beyond the oversight of the IT department of the business, thus the chances of risk are higher too.

Shadow apps are mostly cloud-based, and they even contain plenty of famous third-party applications that can be used without any cost. Sometimes, various departments of the company, like the marketing team or even the sales teams use shadow apps for various purposes. Most of the time, the sales or the marketing team use shadow applications to gain a competitive edge over the company. And, some of the other departments, like the customer support teams use shadow applications as either they want to try something different or they no longer like the functionality of their existing CRM solution. Shadow applications are leading to probable security problems.

Get rid of Shadow Apps

Instead of using shadow apps or IT, it is rather preferred to use high-tech CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM is not only one of the most latest and modern CRM solution, but it is a trustworthy app too. Here’re a couple of key reasons to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Dynamics CRM is extremely secure

Microsoft Dynamics CRM services are a topmost CRM solution that is used by companies across the world. It contains a large number of exciting features that are meant for better performance of the customer service teams of the company. The main reason why businesses like to use Dynamics CRM is that it is highly secure. First of all, as it is a product of Microsoft, therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that it contains some of the finest security features. It is very important for every business to safeguard the data of the customer. As any data theft or loss can have a severe negative impact on the reputation and the business of the company. Thus, companies should make sure that they implement a CRM solution that promises to protect the data.

  • Dynamics CRM contains a host of advanced features

One of the other major reasons to adopt Dynamics CRM instead of any shadow app is that Dynamics CRM has a large number of high-end features. It also contains plenty of latest technologies which help the companies to maintain their customer relations easily. At the same time, it even includes the option to manage and safeguard the data, and further use it for analytics to churn valuable insights.

Shadow apps are extremely harmful to any business, thus, it is always suggested to just trustworthy and genuine CRM, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business.

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