What Happens if Social Engagement Gets Discontinued by Microsoft dynamics 365?

What is making Microsoft to discontinue its Social Engagement
What is making Microsoft to discontinue its Social Engagement

Microsoft has already called off the Social Engagement and it will no longer be included as part of any Microsoft Dynamics 365 services  license entitlements for new customers. Old customers having a license to Microsoft Social Engagement will continue to be able to access the service until they reach the expiration date of subscription, i.e. January 16, 2020. After this date, Microsoft Social Engagement will be discontinued for all of its customers. 

Starting October 1, 2019, Microsoft Social Engagement will called-off its Twitter support as a data source. However, there will be no change in functionalities without twitter data. 

What is making Microsoft to discontinue its Social Engagement?

As per the post shared by Microsoft on its website, the experts have decided to focus dynamics 365 Market Insights preview on providing insights of broader market patterns coming from aggregated data to assist business professionals in making decisions. This is decided by the team after analyzing the market trends and strategic direction. 

The announcement regarding discontinuation of social engagement will be done through periodic customer emails and existing communication channels to all admins of MS Social engagement. This has already initiated from January 16, 2019; means customers are getting notified about the discontinuation of social engagement via their subscribed emails. 

In case you are seeking a solution of social engagement, you can search for other solutions available in MS AppSource or external marketplaces. If you want aggregated insights on the basis of web activities, you can preview email alerts based on US web data in Dynamics 365 market insights preview without any additional charges.

Monthly quota addons for Social engagement can be purchased by customers until the discontinuation of the application date reaches. 

In case the customers need to address their dynamics 365 services (online) billing and subscription support team, they can visit Dynamics 365 (online) billing FAQ to find out their billing support number or query about a billing support. 

How customers can retrieve data from MS Social Engagement and quota information?

The data of customers will be retained for a minimum of 90 days post expiration of the subscription or January 16, 2020, whichever comes first. Customers need to submit a support ticket through their Office 365 admin portal if they would like to retrieve a data copy.

Dynamics 365 Market Insights 

Dynamics 365 market insights preview is no longer considered to be a successor to MS Social Engagement. In case the customer is looking for a social engagement solution, he can search for other solutions available in Microsoft AppSource or external marketplaces. 

The present capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Market Insights are –

  • Daily or weekly email alert notifications – The feature of daily or weekly notification informs users about the latest news and trends with customizable email alerts related to their monitored topics.
  • AI-assisted query builder – The feature AI-assisted query builder leverage the power of AI to spend minimum time in setting up searches and more time on acting on insights. 
  • Bing web search rising topics – detects trends by analyzing search query results during a certain period for important topics of interest to their business.

The app will soon introduce extra capabilities to offer aggregated insights and news, based on web activities like search, browse, etc. 

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Email alerts and insights

Email alerts and insights are based on US web-based activities data and can be accessed in English. The insights and alerts can be used by global organizations looking for insights for their US operations. 

Dynamics 365 Market Insight is available in the regions/countries and languages set out in the availability guide. 

For more relevant updates on Microsoft dynamics 365 services, keep watching this space.

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