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Xiaomi Q1-2018: Entry-level smartphones recorded more sales

Finally, Xiaomi released some details concerning the sales of its smartphones in the first quarter of 2018. According to official numbers, the company sent around 28,431 million units, giving an income of about 23.239 billion yuan (it would be around $ 3.6 million). This makes us see that the success of Xiaomi smartphones continues growing day by …

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New Qualcomm Snapdragon 710: Better Smartphones, Cheaper Deal

Keep your eyes peeled, and mouth closed. A new dragon is coming to town and ready to snap your breath.

Qualcomm just unleashed the new Snapdragon 710 – the father of its recently announced 700 mobile platform series. This new technology promises to make premium smartphones at a lesser price, boosts significantly on performance, better battery life, and more optimization.

You’re probably raving to know the specific features this beast has in store for the future of smartphones – or particularly Android phones. But do note that the 700 series is considered a mid-range chip. So, its features play in between the 600 and the 800 series. Giving people who can’t afford pr…
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Bet specs, features Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland!

Nokia has always remained in the world of smart phones. It just turned the table when it stopped investing more in innovative technology. This fatal lethargy pushed this popular brand to the wall. It failed to realize the stream of technology when every brand was busy making lucrative business. For instance, Apple and Samsung left no stone unturned to introduce best phones in the market and release latest phones. However, recent activity by Nokia cannot be conveniently overlooked. Nobody will deny the fact that Nokia is the best brand and engineered various designs for first ever phones.

Things really changed for Nokia when it signed an agreement with Microsoft to manufacture Lamia series of phones. Before this agreement, Nokia had almost died down as a brand. Failure of Nokia can be linked to lack of innovative technology. Although there were Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland, nobody was ready to shop them because of obsolete software. Thanks to this collaboration, Nokia has managed to get back on the track and make good business again. Here we will look at various lamia phones one by one.

Nokia lamia series of smart phones:

Now as lamia series has been launched, there may be big difference between several other brands on the paper. Lamia is Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland as compared to Apple or Samsung. In terms of their features and specs, there may be only minor difference. On top of that, several Nokia phones have made it easy for users to choose one. Following are some of the best lamia phones.

Features and specifications of Nokia lamia 630:

The Lamia 630 is featured with newer and improved colorful design and Windows Phone 8.1. It’s filled with amazing features and a step up from anything Nokia have got a lot to offer in the entry level Windows mobile phones category so far. Moreover, Statement color is the cornerstone of the Nokia Lamia range. Plus, Lamia 630 is no exception in this context. The Nokia Lamia 630 has a removable and interchangeable case so you can switch from the fun bright yellow, bright green and wonderful orange. You can also choose understated and professional white or black cover. On top of that, the price of lamia 630 is available on Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland.

Features and specifications of Nokia 520:

The Lamia 520 looks good. And it is also featured with a decent screen, it never slows down or stutters and it is wonderful for calls and text messages. All these features make it the best Windows phone for all those who want to avail a better phone on discounts. In terms of color choices, performance and design, forgetting everything else, the design of the phone makes Nokia 520 stand out in the crowd. Regardless of choices in colors, it’s quite a wonderful smart phone in every ways.  Specified by angular, rectangular design, Nokia Lamia 920 is featured with the curved edges of Nokia Lamia 620. This is also Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland.

Features and specifications of Nokia 530:

The Lamia 530 is set to claim the budget crown as it is very competitive phone in the face of competition among Android phones. It’s a valiant effort to reduce the value for money and offer it on discounts on the online shopping store. In terms of specs, designs and price, it goes without saying that all of the mobile phones in this price bracket are seem to be rounded and chubby. Hence, Lamia 530 is no different phone. It is heartening to note that the phone is hewn in funky color club. There are several options including bright green or orange. Thanksgiving, if you are a conservative customer; you can choose black and white color in order to be on the safe side. As for price, it is availed at Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland.

In the last but not the least, you can choose Nokia cheap mobiles in Auckland online and save several NZDs easily.

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Amazon Summer Sale roundup: Discounts on Smartphones, laptops, audio devices, storage and more

Amazon has kicked off its Summer Sale festival which will be going on till May 16. The online retailer is offering some great deals and discounts on gadgets like smartphones, laptops, audio devices like headphones and portable speakers, and lots more. We have scrounged through the website to find you some of the best deals on display. It should be noted that one will be able to avail ten percent cashback when paying via ICICI bank debit and credit card, or by using their Amazon Pay balance on eligible devices.  Smartphones  Honor 7X Offer pr…
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Future Smartphones May be Made of Wood

It is no surprise that smartphone developers are looking at several angles to deliver the best product to their consumers. But, we’re currently looking at something that is very unusual, yet can happen.

Future smartphones might be switching from metal casing to superwood. If some people love to have superficial wood as their casing, this time real wood will be a key component.

The Evolution of Smartphone Casing

Most smartphones today use metal casing since it is given durable and scratch proof. However, it is also one of the causes of overheating since metal is a heat conductor. No matter how companies create a super coolant feature, they can…
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Daily deals roundup: Deals on Laptops, smartphones, and more

For today’s deals roundup, we have some laptops, which are currently available at a heavy discount along with select Motorola smartphones whose prices have been slashed under the company’s Moto Fest sale. There are some other gadgets worth checking out as well. Philips SHB3060BK Bluetooth Headphones  Deal Price: Rs 2,799 + Rs 420 cashback The Bluetooth enabled philips headphones feature an over the ear design. It has noise cancellation and also supports the 3.5mm jack wired connectivity. You can buy it here. TCL 101.6 cm (40 ) L40D2900 Full…
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40 Low Cost Android Smartphones infected with Triada Banking Trojan

Low-cost Android smartphones with over 40 models were found to be infected with an Android banking Trojan called Triada. These malware-laden smartphones were already sold globally. This banking Trojan was discovered by a research team from a Russia-based antivirus firm known as Dr. Web. A few days ago, this security firm published a list of all the 42 Android models that they have analyzed and found to be infected with the banking Trojan Android.Triada.231.

Triada is not a new Android malware and was first discovered in early 2016. This dangerous Android banking Trojan can root devices and then infect a core Android operating system process called “Zygote” that would make it im…
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Alcatel stands out in the MWC 18 – 3 new Smartphones families presented

The Mobile World Congress is an event where people expect news and Alcatel know this perfectly, so the French brand has spared no news to surprise the market. The company, characterized by its philosophy of functionality to a limited budget, presented a new mobile portfolio divided into three device families: Alcatel 5, 3 and 1. Alcatel …

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Hotstar India Watch Report 2018 Reveals Video Lighting up Data and Smartphones

Hotstar has released the first India Watch Report 2018, which sheds light on the usage and consumption of data and smartphones. The report provides information and insights on the dramatic transformation sweeping the Internet landscape in India. The company has disclosed the usage patterns on its platform.

According to company sources, Hotstar has grown tremendously five times in video consumption over the last 12 months. Nearly, 96 percent of all usage is currently focused on long-form video. During early years, the online video was characterized by short form consumption from users deeply fearful of data charges. However, the trend analy…