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How to Improve User Experience on Mobile

Top 8 practices to improve the user experience on mobile

How to Improve User Experience on Mobile

1. Effective on boarding

Onboarding is an important component of the user experience that can either make or break the achievement of your app. If a user isn’t onboarded correctly, app relinquishment rates will touch the sky.

There are a number of reasons why onboarding disturbs the user experience, but above all, it’s important to not complicate it for the user. For mobile app onboarding, you would want to provide users with basic commands.

Too much information during the onboarding process will leave them getting confused. You would want to leave some parts of the app for the user to determine to enhance the retaining rates. Just demonstrate the value your app provides users but don’t go into too much detail explaining every feature.

2. Quick login

Your login should be simple and easy for the user. It’s significant to have a simple registration that allows the users to log in from external accounts such as Google or Facebook.

Only ask users for information that is required. If the app doesn’t need access to the user’s phone number then omit it because it will act as a barricade during the onboarding procedure. It’s also important to consider how easily the user will recollect their username.

If you ask for a new username, or one with many characters, there is a possibility that they will forget it and not worry to recover their credentials. Instead of that, you can help them out by copying their email as their username. It’s also a good idea to include an option that lets the user stay logged in so that they can use the app more often.

3. Keep the navigation simple

Designing a menu for a mobile app is much different as compared to a website where the menu bar is normally located at the top of the page. You want to make sure the most important pages are available. Don’t confuse the users with complex navigation bars.

4. Be obvious and predictable

If you want to pay attention to the user experience then you have to keep their comfort zone in mind. Use familiarity to your disposal and make it clear what can be selected with a specific button.

Follow the design patterns to minimize the learning curve for users and make the user experience intuitive. Don’t forget to follow the platform specific guidelines and standards for Android and IOS.

5. Be brief

The content on the mobile is not like the content on a website. The mobile screens are smaller which makes it tough for the users to see the information. This tip is one of the easiest tips yet people forget to ponder over it.

You should always keep in mind that a mobile app’s user experience is completely different from a website’s user experience. Share vital information and use contentIf your mobile app fails to provide a successful user experience then you are bound to face criticism. The user experience should always be your priority if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors.

As a seo services provider, we ensure to prioritize the user experience because we know what neglecting it can do to your clicks.

All you need to do is spend a minute or two on the app store and you will see why it is important to stand out.

An app might be responsive and offers a distinctive experience; however, it might still have a poor ranking. It happens if the user stays dissatisfied in one way or the other.

If your app is lacking somewhere and you are unable to tap the nerve then these points to guide the user through the app. You don’t have to fit everything on the first screen.

6. Reduce the search effort

Use your app from a customer’s point of view and note down the difficulties that they might face. If there are too many steps then it will stop the customer from completing the checkout process.

You should also focus on the fact that the search doesn’t come to 0 results. Show related items for the users to explore more products instead of that.

7. Make sure it’s safe

Take account of security badges to guarantee that a user’s personal information is safe and secure. If a user feels that their personal information is insecure, they will abstain from sharing their credit card or other personal information. Ask your users before you collect their data, such as location, and permit them to opt out of targeted advertising.

8. Assistance is a must

Offering customer service is a simple yet unnoticed element of the user experience. Make it easy for users to get help and support options. Users usually look for help in the toolbar or menu of a mobile app.

We hope that these points will help you to work on the user experience on a mobile app in a much better way. Professional Seo services provider prioritize the user experience and see for yourself how it works in your favor!

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