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Instagram Shop Shopify
Instagram Shop Shopify

Instagram is, without any doubt, the most sought-after platform for brands that want to connect better with their audiences. The de-facto visual-led approach makes it an ideal platform to display products while the users’ can buy products they fall in love with more conveniently than ever using its diverse shopping features.

Shoppable posts allow customers to shop directly following links from the corresponding product pages on the brand’s website, enabling customers to quickly add products to their cart and check out, or maybe, explore other deliverables provided.

Moreover, according to statistics provided by Instagram, 70% of the users come on the platform to find inspiration for products that they can incorporate into their lives.

Tracing and targeting this audience can be the best bet to drive more conversion and sales opportunities for brands. But, for this to happen efficiently, having one storefront might not be enough. It would help if you had more.

Integrating Instagram shoppable posts on the Shopify website is the ‘more’ that you need. It is that strategy that can efficiently turn social sales into online sales. To know more about the benefits that you can derive, read until it is a wrap.

Instagram Shoppable Feeds For Shopify: An Overview

Exploring through their Instagram feeds, users come across Instagram posts with a ‘Buy Now button or a mini shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the posts; these are shoppable Instagram posts. By integrating these posts on the Shopify websites, brands can reap a multitude of benefits.

An Instagram Shoppable Feed on Shopify is the new-age, result-driven, innovative and powerful strategy to increase attraction, engagement, conversion, and sales of the brands effortlessly.

How can Instagram Shop Shopify Help Brands?

Enhance User Engagement With Visuals That Attract

Instagram being an aesthetically pleasing platform, stimulates users to scroll through their feeds for a long period. So when they come across shoppable Instagram posts, they get inspired to check out the product and land on the product page.

Once they are there, they get compelled to explore products as UGC-incorporated posts induce them to learn more about the brand and browse through the website, thus enhancing their engagement.

Generates User Trust

User trust is the driving force while conducting business online. By combining visual UGC with products, brands can generate authenticity in the minds of their website visitors.

Since UGC is a credible source of information about the brand, users heavily rely on it for making their purchase decisions. In figures, 70% of the users get influenced by the experience of the brand’s existing users. Therefore, by showcasing shoppable UGC to the Shopify website, brands can win visitor trust easily.

Streamlined Shopping Experience

The shopping experience of the brands is curtailed by integrating shoppability. Add tags to the products with specifications, prices, and the ‘Shop Now’ click-to-action button.

This helps the Shopify website visitors to buy products with utmost ease without having to leave the website. This is extremely important because the users have no patience left in them. Therefore, they need faster and more efficient processes, especially when it comes to shopping.

With Instagram Shop on Shopify, they can buy products following a two-step process. This helps brands capitalize on the point of attraction while also providing customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

Improves Conversion Rate

When the users are better engaged and trust the brand, upselling gets easy. Moreover, since UGC is vibrant, diverse, and informational, it helps in better conversions because visitors can better understand the working of the brand and the experience that the existing users have with the brand.

To be able to sell more is the biggest challenge that brands face. But, this can be tackled effectively by incorporating UGC in products and showcasing it on the website of the brands.

Instigate Impulse

Instagram is looked up to by its users to take inspiration for products that they can introduce in their lifestyle. Be it travel, food, fashion, or home decor, the platform has content to offer for its users. No wonder there are more than 500M active users on the platform.

Since the users are there in a frame to discover products and take inspiration from, leveraging Instagram shopping can easily encourage them to buy more products.

Resulting in impulsive buying, which can further help brands in achieving their targeted conversion rate and sales.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

If you have been looking out for convenient, cost-effective, and promising marketing strategies that can help you in amping up your business many folds, integrating shoppable Instagram feeds on the Shopify storefront can be your best bet.

Now that you know all the benefits you can derive from this amalgamation, it is time to let your sales take a driving seat!

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