How to Resale Branded Devices for the Best Possible Price?

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While purchasing used devices from reliable online and offline stores is quite a convenient option for someone who isn’t willing to spend a lot on new smartphones, there have to be separate provisions for sellers who are looking to let go of used gadgets, in order to make things simpler for the prospective buyers. However, we will restrict this discussion to branded devices only as they usually form a better portion of the overall used smartphone sales. It is a known fact that people trying to sell off a used smartphone pertaining to a bigger brand end up getting better deals. However, similar to the buyer, even the seller needs to tolerate the agonies of bargaining, searching, and finally identifying the best possible bang for the buck. That said, while the market concerning used smartphones is extremely competitive, there are still a lot of options for sellers who are genuine and interested in offering branded devices.

The Perks of going online

Before discussing the perks of reselling branded devices, it is important to understand the benefits of going online for closing the deal. Firstly, a seller must realize that there are multiple offline options available but a majority of them aren’t credible enough. Online stores like SellnCash have a predefined interface that allows the seller to feed in the smartphone details, precisely for gauging the condition of the old mobile phone for sale. Once the existing device condition is analyzed, a quotation is released by the company. If and when accepted, the phone gets picked up and more often than not, the payment is made almost instantly. However, even if someone is looking to sell used mobile phone via online platforms, checking the website credentials is of paramount importance.

Are Branded Devices worth the Hype?

Unlike used gadgets from the lesser-known OEMs, the branded ones come with better price tags allowing sellers to bargain with buyers. Apart from that, it is easier for a seller to get the device listed online for sale, especially if he or she is interested in B2C platforms. Put simply, having a branded device often means that the seller need not brainstorm or work that extra bit for identifying potential buyers. The concerned online interfaces automatically analyze the possible price points deserved by the gadget and put forth automated quotations.

The best thing about reselling branded devices via online platforms is that more often than not, perfect prices are offered. While it’s possible for online buyers and startups to bargain a lot if the gadget is from a lesser-known brand, bigger names like Apple refurbished and Samsung usually comes with a fixed resale value, depending on the age of the gadget. Therefore if someone wants to sell an old mobile online, a good brand name can certainly land a better deal for the person. Lastly, the issue of data safety and security is perfectly taken care of if the seller is dealing in high-end flagships. Online platforms supporting resale take additional care if there is a flagship in question. Moreover, if there is a certified buyer in place, selling off a branded smartphone makes a lot of sense.

The Concept of Trade-Ins

There are instances when used devices are traded in or rather exchanged, in order to avail of a sizeable discount on the new purchases. This is when it becomes slightly difficult for the buyer to ask for a decent resale value from the new smartphone manufacturer. Moreover, a majority of these deals are initiated over separate interfaces and there aren’t a lot of bargaining options available. Therefore, exchanging a used device isn’t the best option for any seller. However, even in this regard, a branded device offers the most value.

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Final Verdict

Selling off a used device is all about possibilities. While there are local offline stores that buy almost anything, there are also a few credible online sources for putting the pre-owned devices out in open. However, the quotation, expected price, and the other aspects of the deal depend on the condition of the gadget and most importantly the brand name associated with the same. Therefore, for first-time sellers, it is good advice to push forth branded, mid-tier, or high-end devices via online interfaces— in order to maximize profits.

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