8 Best Essential Accessories for Your Smartphone

Best Essential Accessories for Your Smartphone
Best Essential Accessories for Your Smartphone

Modern Smartphones are really good. We can do almost all the things in it. We can shoot pictures, record videos, surf the internet, play games & many other things. It is no doubt that we are successfully entered in the era of Smartphone.

However, you can use your Smartphone much better with the help of some third-party accessories. It enhances your Smartphone’s use to the next level. So, have a look at these 8 essential accessories below:

Here Is The List of Best Smartphone Accessories:

Screen Protector & Covers:

Most of the people buy cases & screen protectors first after purchasing a Smartphone. Well, this is really very important for your Smartphone. Sometimes, Smartphone drops from our hands which results in minor scratches. But if you have case or cover, then it protects your Smartphone from the scratches.

Screen Protector is another important Smartphone accessory that you must buy. Sometimes, your phone is slipped from your hands. So, the display is sometimes scratched or broken. Then you have to pay a good amount to replace your screen. Thus, it is best to attach a screen protector on your device’s display.

You can check out this equipment on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart or others. But I suggest you buy these from the local store. Because those accessories are very cheap in your local markets.

Portable Charger:

What happens in case you stuck in a place where you can’t recharge your Smartphone? And you need to call someone urgently.

That is where a portable charger or power bank comes to help. It is one of the most needed accessories for your Smartphone. It can able to supply power to your Smartphone in any situation.  The most important part is that you can easily carry it into your back pocket or your bag. It gives you an extra power source in your hand.

Here is the list of best power banks in India that you can consider.

USB OTG Flash Drives:

These days, every Android Smartphone is equipped with a USB OTG feature. USB OTG Flash Drive is a multi-featured handy gadget for your Smartphone.

With USB OTG Flash Drive, you can easily copy something from your friends’ phone. It is very easy to use. Just connect it in your phone & copy the files.

his becomes very handy when you have a Smartphone with low internal memory. Not only a Smartphone, but you can also use it on your computer.


Living a life without headphones is nearly impossible for a Smartphone user. Isn’t it?

The headphone is the most convenient way to listen to music from your Smartphone. It is a very common accessory for both indoors & outdoors life. This helps you a lot to make a call & listen to music in a crowded place. However, if you are a music lover, then a good pair of headphones is a must for you.

Bluetooth Earbuds:

Bluetooth Earbuds are now in the trend. It is seen that most of the young boys & girls are listening to their favorite songs on their Bluetooth earbuds. The Bluetooth earbuds deliver a great comfortable connection with friends while on the move.

It can be connected with smartphones, computers or laptops, TV without any physical connection of wire & the device. Bluetooth Ear Buds are worked by paring with the devices. It can connect & exchange the data between very short distances with radio transmissions. But the main problem with this kind of headphone is that this earphone does not come with great battery life.

Some big mobile manufactures companies like OnePlus, iPhone is completely detached from the headphone jack from their products. And others also follow the same trends. So, it is no doubt that Bluetooth Earbuds are the future.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

It is a very easy & quick way to play music around your home or outside with a Bluetooth Speaker. Simple pair it with your phone & play your tracks. Nothing is easier than it. In 2018, we saw the exiting quality (waterproof, Bluetooth 5.0, and etc.) Bluetooth Speakers in the market. It is very handy for travel, party or other outside activates. This speaker can really enhance the sound & provides the best audio quality.

Gaming Controllers:

Most of the games of the play store are optimized for the touch screen. But there are some games available that can be played better by a gaming controller.  It enhances the user’s gaming experience than from a tablet or Smartphone. Many higher graphics games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnight, PES, Need for Speed &, etc. are becoming boring after long hours of gaming via touchpad. Here you can use some Android compatible gaming controllers for playing this kind of game.

Selfie Sticks:

These days, selfies are all the rage. A selfie stick helps you to take photographs or videos by positioning your Smartphone. This allows the user to take a selfie from an angle & distance that would not have been possible with the human arms. For this reason, you can easily take a group selfie nicely by a selfie-stick. So, if you are a selfie lover, then you should plan to buy a selfie stick.

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