9 Amazing PC Multiplayer Games 2019: To Play with Your BFF



PC Multiplayer Games 2019

When was the last time you spent quality time with your best friends a.k.a. buddies. Everybody gets busy in their lives, some in studies, some in jobs, while some in establishing their start-ups. I’m sure you miss those endless laughs and gossips with your friends; and let me tell you, they also miss these things. They also need some break from their hectic life. So here’s the idea, call them now and invite them to a house party.

What you guys will do? Don’t worry! There are tons of things to do and also when best friends meet they don’t even need something to pass their time. The time just passes away. What else do you miss? Playing games with them; we’ll make this come true this time. Because!!! Guess what? Here is a list of 9 games which you can play with them. Read the list now and after that make all the arrangements.

9 PC Multiplayer Games to Play with Your Friends

1. Battlefield 1

If you are a war-game freak, then you must have played this game before. The debate for the best battlefield game never ends, but as per me, the first part of this gaming franchise was best. This game has it all which a multiplayer game needs, strong balance of spectacular visions, modern mechanics, and sprawling maps. There are gas grenades, menacing vehicles, behemoths, and several formidable special units like flame troopers too.

2. Far Cry 5

The best multiplayer adventure fighting game, Far Cry 5. Based on the violent-rocked landscapes of Montana, this game could be played best with a friend only. With drug smuggler’s waiting to kill you with a baseball bat, and others setting up things to burn and eat you, you can’t even think of crossing its dangerous levels alone. Fight bears, fly planes, and soar across the treetops, but with a companion only.

3. Gears of War 4

This game is designed to be played with a companion. Although it is available in single-player mode too, there are epic set pieces and golden opportunities for cooperative butchery. With dark tone, branching paths, and alternative vantage points, be ready to face the waves of enemies with your buddies in this amazing game.

4. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Not a quick game to play with a friend, this is more of a story-based game which includes huge RPG environment filled with more potential stories and events. But, if you want to spend some really long time with your companion, then this game will keep you busy for years. Both of you can explore this amazing game cooperatively or competitively, like the way you like.

5. Pay Day 2

Ever dreamed of robbing a bank with your BFF? If yes, then Pay Day 2 will make this dream come true. Just hold your gaming console along with your four friends and rob the bank as much as possible before the police catch you. Be sure to be aware of the alarms and case joints. This game requires focus and a proper plan with all your friends sticking to it. So, get this online game now and play it on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

6. Warframe

Millions of people have loved Warframe already, so it must be containing something good for sure. A four-player co-op shooter game where you can explore and fight your way, along with your friends, through space. The game is all about battling things to get some gears (weapons), and then using that gears to battle more things. So, be ready to chase better shotguns and space boots to kill those ugly aliens.

7. Call of Duty WWII

How can we not include the most enjoyable multiplayer game.? The call of duty gaming franchise has proved itself many times. This is a four-player horde mode battle game against the undead zombies. With every achievement, the zombies get more powerful and dangerous, but you can also unlock upgrades and gears by opening the new areas of the map. The bad news is, it is very hard to play this game and only with good planning, teamwork, and clear coordination, one can cross the levels.

8. GTA 5

You need a friend to survive in this already very famous game. There is a vast number of activities and things for which you’ll need your friend. Whether it is robbing a bank, breaking into the army base, or doing a murder, you will need someone to support you and obviously to provide you a backup. After years of updates and additions, this game is becoming the favorite of the millennial.

9. Minecraft

I would find it really strange if someone doesn’t know about this game. Minecraft, the game developed by Mojang, is loved by all the generations and is all about survival and staying away from spawns at night while keeping your vitals up. Its digital building block world has endless imaginations. You can team up with your friends to build pointless structures.

So, these were the games which you can play with your best friends. It can be tough sometimes to arrange a get-together but when you’ll send them this amazing list, they’ll come running to your house. And, remember to keep your couch and popcorn ready, so that no time gets wasted. There are tons of other multiplayer games too but these were some of the best according to me. If you do not like any game from the above list, then probably we have different tastes buddy! 😉

Summary: If you were scouring the internet, for some time, searching for amazing multiplayer games to play with your best friends, then you have landed up at the right place. This post contains a list of 9 games which you will surely enjoy playing with your friends.

Author’s Bio: Olivia James is an academic paper writer at Assignment Desk and provides assignment writing service uk to students around the globe. She has been doing this for the last 5 years. Apart from this, she is very attached to her friends and leaves no chance to hang out with them.

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