Top 7 Tips for a Good Gaming Commentary

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YouTube has transformed into this mega social media platform in recent times. It is like a boon for the current generation to get some exposure by displaying their talents and earning some money in the process.

Video bloggers, gaming commentators, music video producers, aspiring cinematographers and photographers, painters and so on have benefited significantly from YouTube.

As playing video games is something that we have enjoyed since our very childhood, we are going to throw some light on a special discussion – the secret behind a good gaming commentary.

Gaming YouTubers are trending on social media with their high-quality gameplay videos and first-class commentary. With that being said, it takes time and effort to perfect this skill.

Better audio quality, precise editing, and most crucial of all, selecting the right gaming footage – all these factors contribute a lot in making someone a good gaming commentator.

Now, to tone down the seriousness of this discussion a bit, let us guide you through some valuable tips for becoming a good gaming commentator:

1. Quality of Video

Before elaborating this section, let us steer clear of the fact that the ‘quality’ mentioned here does not have anything to do with video resolution; well, not entirely.

When we talk about the quality of video footage, we are primarily focusing on the kind of gameplay. We must not forget that the f

Yes, the resolution matters a lot but it won’t if you are not playing the game properly. Nobody is going to watch the video if it does not serve its intended purpose.

So before you sit down and start commenting on a game, make sure you know how to play it in such a way that the viewers will find it informative.

2. Good Gaming Choices

Next, do a little research and find out the most played games with large fan-bases. That way, half of your work is done as these gamers constantly keep on browsing the internet looking for such gameplay videos of those games.

Games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, etc. are few awesome games to start with. Almost everyone with the slightest knack for gaming knows about these games.

Also, keep an eye out for the latest released games with promising prospects. It is a great opportunity for gaming commentators as a good game trailer will lead to higher YouTube searches of those games.

3. Speech Delivery and Footage Length

We all have come across numerous gaming commentary videos that weren’t just as appealing as it should have been just because the person, who was speaking, didn’t interest our mind, or even did injustice to the topic.

Therefore, when you are commentating on a game, be enthusiastic in the way you talk and add a little humor to your dialogues to keep the audience amused, without compromising the necessary palate of information.

Additionally, it’s very important not to post too long videos. You’ll lose out on a massive chunk of viewers if there are a lot of unnecessary information and redundant clips.

Pick a topic, stick to the point and follow through till the end by keeping the videos short and precise.

4. Quality of Audio

Like the quality of footage and video resolution, audio is important in gaming commentary. The clarity in your audio will augment the commentary of your gameplay in case the video isn’t helping in some instances.

You don’t have to be a professional recorder to be able to achieve a decent audio quality. 

Just keep the basic things in mind – record the audio in a noiseless, quiet space, choose a room that has minimal echo or reverberation, and a proper audio interface to record the audio signal.

Coming to the vital aspect of audio recording – the microphone. Majority of your audio quality depends on the type of microphone you are using.

For a crisp and clear audio signal, a condenser microphone for gaming works the best.

5. Social Media Networking

When you start a YouTube channel, it takes some time to get subscribers and generate traffic. The key to getting a constant audience response is by posting videos regularly.

However, that won’t be overly productive if you don’t share your content on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various Gaming Forums should help you to get the necessary attention.

The more you spread the world about your channel and your videos, the more people get to know about it.

If the video appeals to the crowd, they will definitely share it among their friends and family, and you will earn many viewers and subscribers because of that.

What does that mean? You create your own fan-base and start earning revenue.

6. Other Competitors

We live in a very competitive world, and it’s no different in the field of gaming commentary as well.

Always keep checking what the other gaming commentators are doing. Learn new techniques, apply new ideas and always keep an open mind by being a good sport.

Although, make sure you don’t end up copying from others. People don’t want to see the same stuff twice. Keep it original and unique. Develop your own signature style.

That way, the viewers get to witness something they have never seen before. And that’s how the buzz starts.

7. Audience and Feedback

Lastly, make sure to interact and reply to comments on your video.

The main purpose of a gaming commentary is to impart knowledge and information to the viewers.

So it’s obvious many of them will have queries related to the content.

Always clear their doubts. You can make a video and reply to them for a

more interactive experience.

That’ll develop a good rapport between you and your viewers. And that matters more than you can imagine.


So to wrap things up, if you are planning on starting a gaming commentary YouTube channel, or looking to improve an already existing one, these gaming commentary tips should do the trick for you!

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