How Is Mobile Affecting Your Child’s Health?

How Is Mobile Affecting Your Child’s Health

Technology has successfully gifted ease of doing things. It has made the faraway connections easy but has disconnected the people of the family. It has added security and video-calling features for you but has ruined many lives by sharing private moments in public.

How Is Mobile Affecting Your Child’s Health

Pros and cons both have established the definition of technology.

Though the use of mobile affects people of all ages, the most affected by technology is the younger generation.

How? Let’s see.

You all work to give a comfortable life to your family. You use Organic Baby Formulas for their nourishment, get them admitted in the best schools, buy them all they want, and whatnot. But your work schedules are not allowing you to spend time with your children.

The time you are involved in meetings, your child is browsing their mobile at home, ignorant about what to watch and what not to. Moreover, the busy lives and upgrading technology are failing to give your children the morals, and ethics, you want to give. 

  • The Tumeric Effect

Extensive research was conducted to understand the effect of mobile radiation on a child. It is discovered that these radiations adversely affect the growth and development of a child. As the bodily changes are taking place, it influences the child more than an adult.

  • Hindered academic performance

More the time spent on mobile, the lesser your child performs academically. Mobile addiction forces your child to keep a frequent check at the mobile amidst studies. Moreover, children carry phones to school, which distracts and they remain clueless about the classes.

  • Decreased physical activity

Online gaming has reduced the physical activity undertaken by a child. A child spends hours sitting at the same place for the sake of playing. This has tremendously reduced your child’s physical activity and made their body start to experience the side effects of no physical activity.

  • Maladjusted Brain Activity

You may be feeding your baby with a hip organic formula to ensure the stable brain development of your child. Your efforts become worthless if your child uses a mobile.

The electromagnetic waves executing communication processes, easily penetrate a child’s brain. This disturbs the communication process operating in the brain, as it doesn’t have a strong shield that covers it.

Research has been carried out to find the damage that a two-minute talk over the phone does to your child. This activity causes frequent mood swings, behavioral problems, and problems in learning new things.

  • Academic Malpractices

The increasing use of mobile has eased the business of malpractices. Children can browse cheating methods easily and use them in different fields.

  • A less-thinker browses everything

Children can easily arrange study material online. They can learn topics from online classes, which makes them carefree about attending the classes. Moreover, online study material helps them copy assignments without having to worry much about them.

  • Unbefitting Media

Some children use mobiles for the wrong purposes, which has made them indulge in wrong malpractices. Many children get addicted to pornography at a mere age, which changes their perception of people. So keep an eye on what your child watches or browses on the net.

  • Socializing

The previous generation was better socialized than the present peers. The former knew well how to communicate and behave with people. It doesn’t mean that the present ones are ill-mannered. But they are involved much in mobiles and do not wish to communicate verbally.

Wrapping up

Mobile is a boon to the present generation but has adverse effects if not used in a manner. Hence, let the technological tool serve as a blessing to you rather than being a curse.

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