Do you want a Smartphone with 5G Technology?

Honor 9 Lite

Things are progressing day by day and the same is the situation in the field of technology. As we can see that it is progressing lightning-fast, we might see 5G phones soon in the market. Most of the companies are making some true claims with such innovations and trying to build networks set up all over the place next year. Now with such kinds of talks, it seems like 4G has become too mainstream for the users now and everyone would be able to take such offers at affordable prices. This is true that when technology hit the market, it is quite expensive and only high net worth individuals or we can say that innovator will have the abilities to afford it.

Honor 9 Lite

That’s why companies and network providers are trying to bring 5G technology in the market to grab the attention of customers as well as investors so that to support their groups. This is amazing to think about such a fast-tracking system and seeing an amazing speed it will offer in I near future. Though a selected chunk of cities and countries in developed regions would be able to get facilities of 5G networks, but not to worry, it will spread across the country in the next couple of years. Like we can take the example of honor 9 lite that is a pretty expensive brand at the start for middle group consumers but it is affordable for all now. So, it will be a great option to buy 5G enable smartphones offering high-speed internet and low inactivity.

Triple + camera Setups with affordable Price

Along with Huawei, Samsung and Apple groups are still I search to make some affordable features but could not find any place yet. You would not believe that this brand with the help of its subgroup o the name of honor has shaken the market with unique and attractive models. Now with the latest technological aspects, it has started the trend of triple camera set up in the rear panel so that to accommodate low price customers with extra features. It seems the smartphone companies like Huawei are opting it out for putting better features onboard. On the hand we can see that though mega-companies like Google and Apple have stuck to single and dual rear cam setup respectively, Huawei with its flagship device Mate 20 Pro and honor p lite came with three cameras at the back.

Now the question here is what’s going on? How we can make a check on the quality of a product. It is really hard to get such features within so many little prices or it’s a fake setup? Like we can see that honor 9 price in KSA is not easy to thing to digest. Well, you don’t have any idea about the chines brands. Most of the people and consumers in the subcontinent have clearly wrong observation and perception about Chinese products. They have a common thought that chines products are not reliable and credible. This is absolutely wrong as Americans and Europeans are completely relying on the Chinese market to meet the needs of their citizens.

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