How to Protect Your Work & Family with the Most Advanced Spying App


The use of spy and monitoring apps is growing with the passage of time. As the world is getting better and more advanced, at the same time it is experiencing serious security issues. Whether it be about work or offices, companies are concerned about their workplace safety, security of the systems as well as data. Similarly, parents are also worried because of the growing internet and social media use among kids.

But all this can be handled with some solid steps and an advanced spying app, BlurSPY.

BlurSPY- Protect Your Work with the Advanced Spying App

BlurSPY is the best employee monitoring app out there. It has a lot of features that make employee monitoring really easy. Employers can protect their business and work with BlurSPY. It offers a number of features that make workplace safety and employee monitoring easy for any employer. Below is the list of features that employers can use to monitor the employees.

Call Monitoring

Many employers have doubts about the employees as they are involved in suspicious activities. They even use company computers and tools to leak important and sensitive data with others. For this reason, employers should use this feature to hack the phone calls of such employees and know what they are talking about.

Message Tracking

Tracking text messages is an important part of employee monitoring. BlurSPY makes it easy for any employer to sneak into the messages of the employees and learn what they are up to.

Social Media Monitoring

Nowadays, many employees spend time on social sites. They also use instant messengers for secret communication. So BlurSPY comes with a feature that also tracks social sites as well as instant messengers. With this feature, employers can find many details about employees.

Email Tracking

Your employees might be sharing important secrets about your earnings, company details, and other sensitive information through their emails. It is imperative for the employers to check the emails of the staff and know what they are up to.

Blur Spy Cell Phone Spy App

BlurSPY- Protect Your Family with the Advanced Spying App

We have already talked about how parents are concerned about the kids and their phone addiction. BlurSPY is also a perfect spy app for the parents that help in digital parenting, keeping eyes on the kids and monitoring them all day. For parents, there are a good number of useful features that can make tracking kids easy and simple. Some of the best features are given below.

GPS Location Tracking

BlurSPY offers a feature that makes location tracking easy for the parents. Most of the parents these days want to keep eyes on the kids and their locations. They also want to track live locations of the kids. So this feature of BlurSPY comes in handy in such cases. Parents will be able to know the whereabouts of kids check their location histories and mark areas as safe and unsafe.

Dealing with Phone Addiction

The growing use of phones among kids is a serious problem for the parents. But parents should not be worried about it at all as BlurSPY is there for their help. With BlurSPY, parents can deal with the phone addiction of their kids. BlurSPY android spy software has a feature called as screen recorder. With this feature, parents can check the time spent by kids on apps and while using a phone. So parents can then take steps to prevent the use of apps and limit phone use.

Protecting Teens Online

Most of the kids use social media these days. They are not aware of how unsafe and dangerous social sites are. But for parents, this is a headache. Kids share too much information about their families on social sites that make them prone to bullies and predators. BlurSPY allows parents to monitor social media use of kids, keep eyes on their online activities and block some sites as well. With BlurSPY parents can protect their kids online.

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