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Online life is the new trend for teenage Kids

Monitor Kids Activity

Do you let your teenagers use cell phones? Is your kid addicted to online apps? Do you see your kids glued to their online chat rooms? If yes, then you may have to take things in your hand!

Kids have grown an uncontrollable urge to be online. It doesn’t matter what time of the day, all they want is their virtual world. While technology has given us hundreds of reasons to celebrate, it has given us twice many reasons to moan. Can you imagine a world where kids completely stop interacting with each other? Disturbing picture, right?

Well, there are still plenty of ways to avoid this dreadful situation. Have you heard of the best parental control apps yet?

Are there any material benefits of Cell Phones for Kids?

You must be wondering why are we addressing this question. Like a coin has two sides, everything in life has its pros and cons. Then, why not cell phones?

Anything used in moderation is beneficial. Even cell phones are very useful for kids, mainly for two reasons:

  • Learning– Earlier, information was an asset that everyone could not afford. Our parents used to fight and struggle to get their hands on the right source of data. But is it the case now? No, with the advent of technology, everything is available on the internet. Those days of browsing books have transitioned to browsing the web. Many educational apps and websites have been launched to make education accessible as well as affordable.
  • Safety –Many will like to differ on this reason, but honestly, cell phones are handy to secure kids. A cell phone is a simple tracker tool that lets you call and access the other person in case of an emergency. God bless the creators of GPS!

Many parental control apps offer a wide range of features that make child protection sound like a piece of cake. Bit Guardian parental control is a leading app for your child’s security. It takes very innovative measures like app blocker, screen time limit, SOS, etc. to protect your kids from unnecessary distractions as well as any unforeseen situation.  Have you tried it yet?

Drawbacks of Cell Phones for Kids

In 2016, we witnessed heart-breaking news about kids committing self-harming activities after being influenced by the social network phenomenon called the Blue whale Challenge. This game had become every parents’ biggest nightmare, across the globe. Can you even imagine your kids falling prey to such distressing acts? 

Technology is a tricky part of our life which kids find difficult to comprehend. Kids believe almost everything that they witness on social media and get into wrong influences. Apart from this, there are many other disadvantages from which we need to protect our kids:

1.Health Hazards

There are research papers that have stated the presence of a carcinogenic substance in phone radiation. Scary, right?

Why not limit the screen time of your kids? Parental control apps allow you to fix time restrictions for all activities.


A cell phone is undoubtedly the father of distractions. Social media and gaming apps have formed a parallel universe for kids. Kids have lost their zeal to focus on studies, and the consequences are easily visible in their school results.

What if you could block certain apps during their exam time? Useful, isn’t it? Find which apps your kids are addicted to and block their use immediately.

3.Decreasing physical interaction

We are witnessing an alarming change in today’s generation. Time spent with parents and friends “physically” has gone down whereas phone calls and texting has picked up tremendously.

These situations are unacceptable at such a minor age. Go ahead, and fix a schedule using the parental control app.

No interest in sports activities– With the outbreak of innovative, high graphics gaming apps, no kid is interested in stepping outside to appreciate real sports. Sad, but true! No wonder the skyscrapers are replacing the sports fields.

Use the app to install blockers to prevent your kids from downloading any gaming apps completely.

Victim of Cybercrime – Cybercrime is allegedly one of the deadliest crimes in the last couple of years.

Only parental control apps, which can track kids’ digital activity (calls, texts, logs, etc.) can counter this problem. Download now, before your teenager gets trapped!

Malpractices– WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have reported massive sending and receiving inappropriate content. Kids do not understand the repercussions of sending private content online.

It is better to take precautions early and start tracking your kid’s activities. Better safe than sorry!

Have you used the Bit Guardian Parental Control App yet to secure teen?

You can finally rest your worries and invest in just one more app. The steps are straightforward. Just search for “Bit Guardian Parental Control App” in your app store or play store. Once you install it on your phone, create your account and add your child. Last and the most critical lap is installing it on your child’s device and log in to the app. Simple isn’t it?

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The Bit Guardian app comes with extremely innovative features that protect your child at all times. Right from blocking offensive content to tracking your kids’ activities, Bit guardian is your one-stop-shop.

If your kid is camping next weekend and that is already giving you jitters, go ahead and download our app immediately!

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