Is Buying a Refurbished Cell Phone a Good Idea?


If you do not have much cash and want to get a phone that is a bit cheaper, you can get a refurbished phone. There are some reasons why you may need a new phone. For instance, your original one got stolen or broke, you just want to change the present phone that you have, etc.

What Is A Refurbished Phone?

Let us start by answering this question. A refurbished cell phone is one that should have been tested, repaired if required, and has also been cleaned. When it comes to a used phone this phone is said to be sold as-is. Therefore it may not have been tested or even fixed. It also may not come having a guarantee.

Due to the fact that refurbished phones tend to be used or pre-owned, there tends to be no guarantee that these will be free of problems, or that they will possess any problems at all. You need to look at the pros and cons first before you decide whether it is a good or bad idea to get a refurbished phone.


Money Saving– This may be the biggest advantage of getting a refurbished phone for some people. A refurbished phone should cost less than getting a brand new phone. These type of phones tend to be sold at discounted prices as they were once used and therefore cannot be sold or even labeled as being “new”. If your original phone actually got lost or was stolen or experienced some malfunction unexpectedly, then the cost savings may be really helpful to you. You may not currently have the money to get a new phone that is for a higher price.

Environmentally Friendly Option– A refurbished phone claims to be an environmentally friendly option. This is because these phones are regarded as being recycled products. This means that they remain out of landfills, therefore, do not help in causing environmental damage. You may be shocked when you learn how many useful parts a cell phone may have that when thrown into landfills can help in causing pollution.

Warranty– If you get your refurbished phone from a reputable company, then you may probably get a warranty. This may present you with the option to get the refurbished phone repaired if this phone has any malfunctions. You need to be alert when getting a refurbished phone. You should get this type of phone from a company or seller who is regarded as being reputable. If there is a deal that is too good to be true then you need to be really conscious as this may be a trap. You also should get a refurbished phone that has a good warranty. Do not get one with no warranty. It is possible to buy refurbished phones from Apple and Samsung also. It may be a good idea to purchase directly from the manufacturer. You need to remember that they may not have the latest model phone available.


May have defects– Due to the fact that refurbished phones have often been used by someone, or have been returned because of malfunctions, these phones are likely to possess defects. The defect may be physical and also internal. Therefore if you decide to get a refurbished phone you should look carefully to see what defect it has and whether you are willing to overlook that defect due to its attractive price.

An internal defect may be issues like the camera may not be working, or the speakerphone is not very loud enough to hear, etc.

When it comes to physical defects this may be that the phone’s casing has some blemishes like scratches as well as nicks.

Warranty– This is also included in the cons. The warranty may be one that is less than one year. A brand new phone may have a better warranty than this. But no doubt a brand new phone has many other benefits also. You are paying more to get it in comparison to how much you should be paying for a refurbished phone.

After considering the pros and cons of getting a refurbished phone, you can decide for yourself whether you think it is a good idea to get one. If you do decide to get one then you should be careful and not get cheated out.

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