Top 4 Reasons to Install a Bluetooth Smart Door Lock at Home


Nowadays, the development of smart technology is reaching high speed. The release of new generation smart door locks is a breakthrough in identification, security, and home management. 

Have you ever been locked out of your house for hours because you forgot to bring your keys? Have you ever feared someone may break into your home? If you encounter these situations frequently, then you may want to give smart locks a try.

In this article, we will present four main reasons to install a smart door lock. We will talk about why people are switching to more innovative ways to secure their property. Let’s jump right in.


Say Goodbye to Keys

With a smart door lock, there is no need to use traditional keys. We bet you forgot at least once where we put your keys and got frustrated. Smart door locks can actually solve many pain points of your life. Imagine you return home and your hands are filled with grocery bags. With a smart door lock, you won’t need to put the bags down first to take out the key and open the door. You can unlock the door automatically with a passcode or as soon as your phone gets close to the door.

For example, you only need to tap the pass code on the keypad to unlock the door. If this is not convenient enough, you can also take advantage of smart door locks’ induction system. This way, the door will automatically open when your phone is nearby. The door can be automatically locked again a few seconds after you closed it.

Even better, you can set up your smart door lock to respond to your voice commands.

With a smart door lock, you can finally say good-bye to keys!

Practical Remote Control

Another practical function of smart door locks is their remote control feature, which is especially useful for families with elders and children. Nowadays, most of us have a busy schedule and we can’t leave work just to share a pair of keys with friends or guests. With this technology, you can grant access to anyone remotely from the smart door lock app on your phone.

If you’re a parent, a smart door lock allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your children. Install the smart door lock app on your phone to check all the door opening records, wherever you are. If you notice that your children didn’t go back home on time, you can call them to confirm whether anything happened to them.

Better Protect Your Family and House

Did you know that for safety reasons, ordinary smart door locks have their own alarm system? For instance, you will be immediately notified if the door lock is opened in an abnormal way or the door lock password is entered incorrectly. The smart door lock will report this information to the smart door lock app on your phone as soon as possible.

This way,you can be informed if anyone is trying to pick your door lock, and then call the police. With a smart door lock, the risk of a thief breaking in is very low. Smart door locks can be easily integrated with the IoT systems of your smart home. The result is a safer and more secure environment for you and your family.

Make the Right Impression with Friends

Last but not least, are you competing the best house with your neighbors? Or, do you want to make the right first impression with your guest? Well, trust us, a smart door lock will give that futuristic feeling to your home.Your friends will remain speechless at seeing you open the front door by just approaching it. Overall, smart home integration can make your property value rise and be the envy of your neighbors.

A new brand is becoming increasingly popular online, and it’s called SMONET. Their smart door solutions are highly appreciated because they combine an intuitive OLED display with an easy setup process. The smart lock can be easily connected with other devices, keeping users always in control. You can also integrate it with Alexa’s home assistant through Bluetooth. Overall, SMONET offers a high-quality and unbreachable smart door lock with a solid and interactive touchscreen.



If you have a sufficient budget, buying a smart lock to protect the door will be a good choice. Smart locks will far outperform their traditional counterparts in terms of security, convenience, and aesthetics.

If you are interested in home security solutions, SMONET is a leading company in this industry. Since 2002 the company is on the front line for innovation in smart home technology. SMONET is manufactures and sells Wireless security camera systems and smart door locks. Protect your home the right way with one of their products.

Hopefully, this article helped you decide whether smart door locks are the best option for your property. Browse online for more solutions to boost your home security today!

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