Smart Technology is Changing Home Security


Most people think about convenience when they think about the benefits of smart homes . With all sorts of devices like cars, phones, and watches incorporating artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become deeply integrated within our daily lives.

This is imperative to the efficiency of smart homes: IoT programming provides homeowners with the ability to manage different systems from a central hub, and the system uses artificial intelligence to give better performance and increased efficiency.

While there is no doubt that convenience is the main selling point for this technology, it can do so much more than simply make your life easier – it can also make your home safer. With advances in security hardware and artificial intelligence, we can now link home security with the rest of our smart home technologies.

Smart Cameras

Home security cameras happen to be one of the most effective burglary deterrents. Thieves see the cameras and decide that they are better off going after a target that seems less risky. With modern CCTV systems, you have cameras that are much more capable than systems that were available only a few decades ago. Today’s systems come with HD cameras that provide clear images and can be connected to the internet for cloud-based storage and remote monitoring.

In recent years, smart CCTV systems have started to enter the market. With smart systems, you have cameras that can recognize different people, start recording based on event triggers, and work with the rest of the security system to determine whether it needs to contact emergency personnel or sound an alarm.

Smart Locks

Artificial intelligence can even take your door locks and make them smarter. With smart locks, you no longer need a traditional key to open your door. Depending on the device, smart locks can be accessed using a keypad, mobile apps, or with voice commands. This eliminates the need for a key that can get lost, stolen, or copied.

With many of these smart locks, users can download an app to manage accessibility settings. You can program these locks to automatically open as you approach your home, and you can set different types of events that will cause the locks to automatically engage. Most of them also have logging features that can tell you who is accessing your doors, and at what times.


What makes these systems so powerful is that they can all connect together with your smart home to help provide better security. Once all of the systems are connected, they can collect data that can then be analyzed using machine learning.

With this type of artificial intelligence, your security system can study and learn from your daily patterns and the normal activities that occur on the property. If it detects anything that is suspicious or out of the ordinary, it can then send you an alert or notify off-site security professionals.

Artificial intelligence is advancing all the time, and systems like these are only going to get more effective as the technology continues to develop. Eventually, smart security systems are going to reach the point where human monitoring is almost unnecessary. Smart homes will be able to accurately identify security threats and contact first responders without the need for off-site human professionals.

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