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How Mobile Apps, AI, and IoT are turning Our Living Spaces Smarter and Safer?

Smart homes are already here. Many urban people already do a lot of things by just talking to their handheld or intelligent...
smart home

5 Great Smart Home Security Gadgets you need right now

As technology travels faster than lightning, people are also keeping up with the fast-paced ride. After the rise of smartphones, smart homes are also...
Gadgets Every Household Should Have

8 Gadgets Every Household Should Have in 2019

Everyone desires their own space in which they can cherish their lives.After all, having our own personalized...

IoT – The Future Of Home Security

Source-Pexels The smart home automation market generates around $40 billion worth of revenue annually. For...
home automation products for 2019

Home Automation Products in 2019

Let us go to the details of the article step by step. As per humanity rules, and being a human, you need...

Deal: Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub For $57

Amazon has the Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub on sale right now, coming in at just $ 56.99. That is good for about $...
smart home

Smart Homes- The Future Ahead

The way we look at homes has definitely undergone a few changes in the past few years. As opposed to the usual...
smart home

The smart home for the not so distant future

The futuristic technology that we get to see in the science fiction movies is almost unreal, and...

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