The smart home for the not so distant future

smart home
smart home

The futuristic technology that we get to see in the science fiction movies is almost unreal, and it is hard to imagine that it may someday become a reality in our homes. It might already exist, but you may not know about it, yet. Technology has advanced so much to such a degree, that now we can control our lights, air conditioners, televisions, thermostats, security systems and other appliances with the help of a smartphone.

No one would have that thought a decade ago that humans will be able to control home devices with the help of a remote. However, the last couple of years underwent major technological advancement, and the tech market will proceed to grow rapidly in the coming years. The year 2018 holds even better opportunities in the home automation industry with devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home becoming more mainstream and virtual assistant’s being more in demand.

Let’s take a look at newly invented technology that guarantees you a futuristic home.

Automated Robots

It is still a long way to go for a full-fledged human-like robot that can be operated without any assistance. However, this type of robots already exist and are being used by people today. Gadgets like Neato and iRobot are designed to travel around the house autonomously and clean the floors. Scientists in Germany have invented a prototype robot that can do many more tasks like tidy-up the room, pick-up items, serve drinks, and operate various home appliances. Built on an integrated system, it can be controlled via voice commands or touchscreen. It is still a long way to go for this humanoid-like robot to move into our homes.

Centralized Entertainment and Streaming Devices

Cable television and set-top boxes are outdated and overpriced. The future of entertainment lies in a streamlined system that can make digital entertainment instantly accessible to homeowners. Internet-based subscriptions like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix can stream content live on a TV with the help of a small device. A good internet connection is a prerequisite to accessing these high-quality videos. Future homes will include a centralized entertainment and streaming devices such as a Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick that offer utmost convenience by controlling the playback of internet-streamed content on a home audio system or HD television through smartphones or web apps. Additionally, as new technology emerges, mobile and tablet-based remotes will become much more common among households.

Smart Appliances

Devices such as watches and phones have become smarter by the day, and now is the time when people realize the convenience of smart appliances. Imagine commanding your refrigerator to pour out a glass of cold water for you – all from on your smartphone. Now visualize a cooked meal in your microwave as soon as you reach home. All these instances are possible with the help of smart appliances like washing machines, smart ceiling fans coffee makers, air conditioners, etc. Some appliances like the LG “Smart ThinQ” washer comes with a smartphone application making it more convenient to use, and can notify you to repair, update, or fix any other inefficiency.

Smart Toilets

The idea of a smart toilet might seem silly to the general public, but it is, in fact, a very common thing for celebrities and high-end homes. These smart toilets have features like an automatic flushing system, automatic deodorizers, and heated seats to provide you with an excellent bathroom experience. Some toilets in Japan can even perform a urinalysis and inform people if they have diabetes, and a smart toilet soon will be able to analyze stool to check if a person has colon cancer or analyze urine to let women know if they are pregnant. Kohler’s Numi toilet is a world-class innovation in the toilet business. It comes with advanced features like air dryer, integrated foot warmer, deodorizer, heated seat, motion-activated seat and cover, and lastly illuminated touch screen panel with MP3 music playback.

Lighting Controls

Turning on a ceiling light or a lamp from a wall switch will be a thing of the past with smart lighting controls. Depending on the fact that your house has the right setup system, you can control the lights in your house with the help of your smartphone, a home automation system, or a touchscreen panel. A NEST thermostat is a smart device that not only controls the temperature in your home, but it can also be programmed to switch on or switch off lights in your home. Advanced light control is becoming a commonplace feature, and soon it’ll be a standard home element.

In a couple of years, it’ll be much easier for people to design and build their houses via virtual or augmented reality. It will help you envision how a particular piece of furniture looks in your home and you’ll have tons of options at the click of a button. Additionally, Facebook is working on a video chat device that will reportedly use smart camera technology to make people using it feel like they are sitting in the same room.

If the technologies mentioned above sound far-fetched to you, remember when you thought you couldn’t be attached to your smartphone, order groceries online, or give commands to a virtual assistant. The strangest of technology will become common in the coming few years.

Author Bio: Arindam Paul is a founding member of Stomberg Technologies, a startup working towards manufacturing unique energy-efficient fans and tech-savvy products. He is currently heading the Marketing and Long term strategy division at Atomberg and is aiming to disrupt the world of household appliances.

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