Up Your YouTube Game! 9 YouTube Tips & Tricks to Help Increase Views

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What if your YouTube channel exploded in popularity overnight?

It may sound impossible. But with the right YouTube tips & tricks, even smaller YouTubers can go viral and grow subscribers faster than you can say “like and subscribe.”

Want to get started? Keep reading to discover our hottest tips to increase views!

1. Increased Frequency

Generally speaking, YouTube users want to see regular content updates. This is why many channels upload one video a week, usually at the same time and on the same day.

However, for many users, there’s no such thing as “too much of a good thing.” That’s why you and your production schedule should try to upload at least two videos a week.

This helps to boost your profile in the YouTube algorithm while helping build your library up to more quickly. When someone new finds your channel, they will have a ton of great content to sift through!

2. Go Thematic

It’s tempting to make videos about whatever you are into at the moment. However, this is a rookie mistake!

Instead, try to pick out a theme for the entire month and focus each video around that theme. This plan has a couple of great benefits.

First, it keeps your content focused, which results in better videos. And second, it helps to increase your widespread appeal. With a different theme each month, you’re bound to attract many new views!

3. A Better Mic

Most YouTube channel tips focus on video quality. But are you focusing enough on audio?

For example, many YouTubers start by recording on their smartphones. But the phone audio quality may be poor and you might end up picking up unwanted noises and other audio distractions.

You don’t have to break the bank, but a good shotgun microphone makes a world of difference in audio quality. The better your sound, the likelier it is that your content will be shared by others.

4. Short and Sweet

One of our favorite YouTube tips for beginners is to keep things short. Basically, our modern brains are wired for shorter content. Your focus should be short and engaging videos instead of miniature online movies.

Everyone has a different idea of what “short video” means, but we recommend keeping videos under 10 minutes. If you have more to record, take our earlier advice and split it into 2 or more videos.

Don’t forget to have an awesome thumbnail to get the viewers’ attention. You’ll need a great thumbnail creator to get started!

5. Begin with the End

Is your video focusing on how something was drawn, assembled, or otherwise put together? Here’s our advice: you need to begin with the ending.

Specifically, you should spend the first minute or so showing viewers the awesome final product. This builds their interest in how it was put together.

This makes for a great “hook” that pulls viewers in for the entirety of the video.

YouTube Tips and Tricks: The Bottom Line

Now you know some great YouTube tips and tricks. But do you know what your next step should be?

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